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Election results - general

> This dataset provides information on general elections in Leeds. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received.

Agency qualified social worker spend

Total amount spent on Agency Qualified Social Workers in Children’s Services in Leeds City Council broken down by supplier

Visitor economy data

A dataset providing visitor economy data In Leeds, including number of days visited, expenditure, visitor profiles and purpose of visit.  Further information ------------------- For further...

Unauthorised School Absence Fines

This dataset shows the numbers and total values of term time fines issued to parents for unauthorised absences. The value of the fines issued are based on the amount the fines were originally...

Customer Services contact enquiries

**DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS THIS DATA IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE** Information showing customer contact to our Contact Centre and One Stop Centres by month. Dataset Guidance ---------------- * ...

Leeds leisure centres and classes

A dataset providing the location and opening/closing times of leisure centres in Leeds and a live API of classes being run in the leisure centres including name of the class and running...

Leeds traffic orders

The following shape file datasets show the traffic orders for Lines (e.g. double yellow and parking bay restrictions) and Region (e.g. restricted parking zones for residents). Using appropriate...

City connect cycle route

Dataset showing the proposed cycle link between Leeds and Bradford. Please note ----------- * This dataset is reviewed annually but will not be updated if no changes have been made. Licence...

Cycle routes in Leeds

Dataset showing all the cycle routes (not restricted to cycle lanes) in the Leeds metropolitan district. Please note ----------- * This dataset is reviewed annually but will not be updated if...

Groups and organisations working with the homeless in Leeds City Centre

This dataset lists the support groups and organisations working with homeless people in Leeds City Centre.

Premises licences

These are licences issued to premises which sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment, or serve hot food after 11pm (e.g. pubs, bars, takeaways, supermarkets and hotels). The best way to work...

Licensed riding establishments in Leeds

A list of licensed riding establishments in the Leeds area.

Leeds libraries

A dataset of all libraries in Leeds, including the geolocation, accessibility information, opening times and services offered at each...

Places of interest in Leeds

Here's a useful dataset to some of the places of interest across the city. Please note ----------- * Work is ongoing to ensure this data is accurate. * For further information on whats going...

Council building information

A dataset providing information about local council services in Leeds. Leeds City Council uses this information to populate the Knowledge Panels on the Google search website.  The dataset includes...

Leeds children's centres

This shows all the Children's Centres in Leeds which are currently open. This dataset will be updated on an annual basis every June.

Street café licences in Leeds

This dataset provides a list of all licenced street cafes in Leeds city centre, along with the number of seats at each cafe.

Rain gauge rainfall data

This dataset shows rainfall data from 6 rain gauges located at various locations across the city. Please note ----------- * The siting of the gauges is not to Met Office standards (e.g.. maybe...

Adult education courses

Dataset of adult education courses provided in Leeds by those organisations funded by Leeds City Council. Leeds Adult Learning -------------------- * Check out the website which this dataset...

Lunch clubs for over 55+

The dataset shows the location of lunch clubs across leeds for people aged over 55.