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Outdoor sports facilities

This dataset shows a list of Leeds City Council (Parks and Countryside) and parish council managed outdoor recreation sites. It is recognised that some sections still need to be completed. If you...

Private markets information

Dataset showing individual private markets around the city on a year by year basis. Information includes the name of the market, when it came into existence, opening times and contact details.

Leeds one stop centres and joint service centres

A dataset of all one stop centres and joint service centres in the Leeds area. The dataset includes services provided by the centres, accessibility, opening times and geospatial information about...

Leeds support services

A dataset showing organisations which provide a support service. This dataset includes local and national organisations, their locations, contact details and the type of support they provide where...

Leeds Inspired API

Leeds Inspired offers information on all-things-cultural in Leeds


Information on council-run jobshops offering a variety of services from help with writing a CV to completing application forms. This dataset also provides further information about other council...

Annual markets information

Dataset showing year round council and private markets. Information includes the name of the market, when it came into existence, opening times and contact details.

Private water supplies

A dataset of private water supplies on commercial premises, with longitude and latitude geo-tags. A private water supply (PWS) is a supply of water which is not provided by a water supplier (e.g....

1/2 Hourly Gas and Electric Meter API - C3NTINEL

![]( C3NTINEL API provides...

Software licences

A list of software licenses.

Community centres

Detailed list of all community centres in Leeds. Data includes name of the centre, address, contact details and facilities.

Schools agency staff

This dataset shows the amounts paid by all Schools in Leeds LEA to third parties in relation to temporary agency staffing cover.

Changing Places toilets in Leeds

The dataset shows Changing Place toilets in Leeds. Changing Places are toilet facilities for people with profound and multiple disabilities. They are fitted with equipment such as hoists, changing...

Museums and galleries events and exhibitions

Find out what's going on and when at the various museums, halls and houses around Leeds.

Social housing asset value

Leeds City Council provides data on the value of its social housing assets in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code. Please note ----------- * As the value may differ between...

Schools contacts

This data set is no longer updated. Please visit []( which contains...

ICT equipment

A list of council ICT equipment, for example laptops and computers.

Council printers

A list of Canon printers used at Leeds City Council.

Mobile phone masts

This dataset provides information on mobile phone masts located on Leeds City Council property, respective lease information and annual rent charges concerning them.

Street lights (unmetered)

This dataset provides a list of all street lighting apparatus in Leeds that is unmetered (e.g. without an electricty meter). This forms the vast majority of our apparatus. Further...