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There are 45 operational allotment sites across the city offering 3200 cultivated plots in total

Smoke control Zones

Smoke control Zones

Green Infrastructure

The Biodiversity Action Plan summarises what is known about the most important animals, plants and habitats in Leicester. It highlights the importance of City's natural resources both to its...

Local Air Quality Management

This is a zone where levels of pollutant, in this case nitrogen dioxide, are higher than the recommended government objectives and people will be regularly exposed to the levels. For example,...

Alcohol control areas

Alcohol control areas

Flood risk management

The city council now has responsibilities to prepare, predict and manage flood risk in the city, following the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 making us a lead local flood authority. Flooding...

Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are parts of the city that have been designated for their special historical or architectural quality.

Parking Zones

Leicester’s parking guidance and information system plays a vital role in reducing circulating traffic and congestion in the city centre and helps make finding a parking space easier. The city...


Conservation Areas are parts of the city that have been designated for their special historical or architectural quality.

Tree preservation orders

There are over 450 Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in the city

Brownfield Register

The Government has set out a commitment to introduce a statutory brownfield register in order to ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission by 2020 as part of its plan to...

Listed Buildings

There are over 350 listed buildings in Leicester, which are subject to special planning controls, and the Council also maintains a 'Local Heritage Asset Register' (more commonly known as the 'Local...

Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Direction areas are areas where "permitted development" rights have been removed. "Permitted Development" is a blanket permission granted by Government using regulations under the...

Regeneration areas

Leicester City Council has developed an Economic Action Plan for 2012 to 2020. The plan sets out an ambitious strategy for investment in the city?s economy until 2020. It outlines key actions where...

Contaminated Land

Part IIA of the Environment Act 1995 came into force on the 1st April 2000 and introduces a new regulatory role for local authorities, aimed at controlling threats to health and to the environment...

Air Quality - PM10 - Annual Mean

This dataset contains the Annual Mean Objective for PM10 (Particulate Matter) in Leicester City.  The annual mean is not to exceed 40µg/m3.Terms used in the dataset:TEOM = Tapered Element...

Covid-19 - Test and Trace Support applications (gender)

Identifies the number of claims split between declared genders of male and female.

Invitation to tender for contracts September 2019

Invitations to tender are used in a competitive tendering process in which suppliers or contractors are able to participate in a procurement process for the supply of specific and clearly defined...

Claimant Count Ward Map Data

This dataset uses Claimant Count to monitor unemployment by Leicester electoral ward. Only one month's data is available here to allow the data to be presented as a map.Claimant Count is the number...

People on Universal Credit - LSOA

The number of Universal Credit claimants includes those who have started Universal Credit (completed the Universal Credit claim process and accepted their Claimant Commitment) and have not had a...