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London Air Quality Network Camden

This dataset contains data captured by sensors operated by London Air. This is downloaded via their API (Application Programming Interface) and filtered to only include sensors within the London...

Parking account and parking spaces

Information on the number and type of parking spaces in Camden and the parking account. Information here is taken from the Annual Parking Report 2014 available at...

Spend Over 500 GBP

This dataset comprises of all the London Borough of Camden's financial transactions over £500 since October 2014. The information includes the payment date, payment amount and payment beneficiary....

Camden Ward Boundary OLD

This spatial dataset contains each ward boundary that makes up the London Borough of Camden. Originally taken from the OS BoundaryLine product, attribution includes the ward name, ONS (Office of...

Camden Wi Fi Hotspots Socrata

This is a sample dataset used for demonstration purposes.

Sodapy test 2

This is a TEST dataset to test sodapy api capabilities

Planning Applications

This dataset contains planning applications in the London Borough of Camden dating back to 01/01/2010. Planning application extents are captured against the OS MasterMap product, due to licensing...

Payments to suppliers with a value over £500 from the London Borough of Camden

This page lists reports of individual payments to suppliers with a value over £500 made within the month. Publication of these lists forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and...

2021 Census First Results

Presentation of first results from the 2021 Census

ONS 2021-based MYE Component of Change LATEST

ONS 2021-based Mid-year Estimates series: Components of Population Change 2011-latest Annual change tables and graphs for Camden

Mid-year Estimates 2021-based 2011-2021 Camden

Following the rebasing of the mid-year estimates sing the 2021 Census, the 2021-based series has been reconciled 2011-2021 with a revised mid-2021 estimate. The attched series for Camden gives...

ONS MYE Technical Note Rev Mid-2021

Technical note with information about the revised mid-2021 population estimates published 23 November 2023: analysis and links to data for Camden.

2021 Census Briefing for Camden Partners

Provides an introduction to the 2021 Census: what it is, how to access it, understanding geography and table types, where to get more information and tables; plus some initial analysis for Camden

Demographic Databook

Databook (Excel) to accompany the Camden Profile (

Unemployment Claimant Count LATEST

DWP Claimant Count unemployment measure, combining Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants and Universal Credit claimants who are actively seeking work. Latest month.

Camden Wards Profile (Excel) Jan 2020

Excel data sheet updated wards profile with data sheet and associated graphs.

Spending with Capita

Spending with Capita


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