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LBH Estates Boundaries

Estates boundaries managed by Hackney. Created by London Borough of Hackney, Housing.

Potential New Open Spaces

Potential new open land resources.

Area Action Plans

An Area Action Plan (AAP) is a Development Plan Document (DPD) that provides specific planning policy and guidance for an area where significant regeneration or investment needs to be managed.

Regeneration Zones

Shows zones of land that are receiving regeneration

Estate Renewal

Approved initial investment to bring forward the Council's ambition to improve both the quality and number of homes available in the borough through an estate renewal programme.

Priority Employment

Data identifies opportunities to maximise government, business and community investment in order to help boost local employment and training opportunities.

LBH Regeneration

Shows areas of land that are receiving regeneration.

Strategic Industrial Areas

Shows strategic industrial areas in Hackney part of LDF evidence base.

Local Significant Industrial Sites

Sites of particular importance for industrial and warehousing uses.

Green Corridors

Continuous areas of open space leading through built environment that may or may not be linked but provide an extension of habitats.

Other Industrial Sites

Shows industrial sites in Hackney part of LDF evidence base.

Street Markets

Shows locations of street markets in Hackney part of LDF evidence base.

Locally Listed Buildings

Dataset showing locally listed buildings in Hackney.

Statutory Listed Buildings

Shows all statutory listed buildings and monuments in Hackney. From Design Team.

District Town Centres

Shows district town centres from LDF.

Major Town Centres

Shows major town centres in Hackney part of Local Development Framework evidence base.

Green Links

Areas of linked but separate open spaces and the footpaths between them. Accessible to the public, covers other pedestrian & cycle routes ie not green see LDF Core Strategy Appendix 4

Metropolitan Open Land

Strategic open land within the urban area that contributes to the structure of London

Strategic View Background Area

Strategic View Background Area

Public & Other Open Space excluding Amenity

Public & Other Open Space excluding Amenity