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Town Centre Boundaries

showing boundaries of Town Centres as defined in the London Plan and lambeth's Core Strategy; these are the larger shopping areas such as west norwood or clapham.

Safeguarded Waste Sites

showing boundaries of areas safeguarded for waste use in London Borough of Lambeth

Possible Contaminated Land

showing location of sites in london borough of lambeth whose previous uses could have caused the land to be contaminated

Major Development Opportunities

showing boundaries of Major Development Opportunity areas in the borough, as listed in Lambeth Planning's Core Strategy

Leisure Centres

Showing location of all leisure centres in London Borough of Lambeth

CPZ Boundaries

Shows the boundary of the Controlled Parking Zones within London Borough of Lambeth

Article 4 Land

showing approximate location of areas within conservation areas that have had further restrictions placed on householders permitted development rights

Adventure Playgrounds

Shows the location of all council-maintained adventure playgrounds

Council Assets Cutdown

Shows the location of non-residential physical council assets

Core Office Buildings

Shows the location of the core office buildings used by lambeth council

Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Zones

showing boundaries of the Community Infrastructure Levy charging zones (A,B,C) in London Borough of Lambeth


Shows the location of council and privately-run allotments in the London Borough of Lambeth

Safer Neighbourhoods

showing boundaries of london borough of lambeth safer neighbourhood zones

Lambeth Portion of London Strategic Cultural Area

showing boundary of lambeth portion of london's strategic cultural area, as defined by the London Plan 2004 (produced with GLA)

Smoke Control Zone

showing boundary of the smoke control order zone applied in London Borough of Lambeth

Parks and Open Spaces

showing locations of all parks and some of the open spaces in the london borough of lambeth

Job Centre Plus sites

Shows the location of all job centre plus sites in the borough

Compulsory Purchase Orders

shows location of all compulsory purchase orders by London Borough of Lambeth with the relevant land charges reference

Air Quality Monitoring Zone

Shows the boundary of the Air Quality Monitoring Zone in London Borough of Lambeth

Conservation Areas

showing area designated by london borough of lambeth for it's special architectural and historic interest. Development and demolition in these areas requires additional consents.