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Penalty Notices for Disorder

Number of penalty notices for disorder (PND) for notifiable offences, across Local Criminal Justice Board areas

Probation Workforce Information Report

These reports include detailed information on staffing numbers at national and local Probation Trust levels, including periodic comparisons and trends. Source agency: Justice Designation:...

Prison locations

Available as a search tool at

Ministry of Justice live data page for energy consumption

Real time energy consumption for the Ministry of Justice headquarters building 102 Petty France.

Police force Failure To Appear warrant information systems (various across the 43 police forces in England & Wales)

Failure To Appear (FTA) warrants received, executed and outstanding, by category of warrant, in each police force area.

Court listings

Available at, some for free but not as data, for example Crown Court Daily lists

Sentencing Statistics, England and Wales

The annual release presents long-term trends in sentencing in England and Wales. Both indictable and summary offences are addressed. Trends in custody, community sentences, fines and other...


Database holding personal details for all potential jurors (such as name, age, address) within the last seven years for Crown Civil and Coroners Courts in England and Wales.

The Prison Performance Digest

The Prison Performance Digest presents a breakdown by individual establishment of performance over the past 15 years, up to and including 2009/10, against a number of indicators (KPI and...

CCR and CCLF (Legal aid billing for Crown Court Cases)

Billing system for Crown Court cases containing personal and financial details of claimant and providers.(contracted providers of legal services)

Ministry of Justice FoI requests

Case management system for FoI requests received by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) categorised by: date received; name of applicant; whether information requested is held; exemptions used (if...

Youth Justice Board caseload statistics

The Youth Justice Annual Workload Data covers the workload of Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) in England and Wales and contains information on: proven offences which have resulted in a disposal;...

Statistics of mentally disordered offenders, England and Wales

This bulletin is an annual publication that summarises information about people subject to a restriction order (restricted patients) admitted to, detained in, or discharged from psychiatric...


Number of cautions for notifiable offences, across Local Criminal Justice Board areas

CaseMan (County Court Case management system)

Case management system for county court cases. Details include name, sex and address of applicant, children's date of birth if applicable, names of respondants, details of solicitors if...

Company Winding up and Bankruptcy Petition Statistics, England and Wales

The quarterly release presents statistics on insolvency proceedings issued in the county courts and High Court for both individuals (bankruptcy petitions) and businesses (company winding up...

Re-offending rates

Statistics on the reoffending of adults under supervision of the Probation Service in England and Wales Source: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Publisher: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Geographies:...

Tribunal Service quarterly statistics

Quarterly report on Tribunal performance statistics including volumetrics and performance indicators. Source agency: Justice Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...


Number of convictions for notifiable offences, across Local Criminal Justice Board areas

Criminal Justice Statistics

The reports presents the main trends on the latest 12 months of activity in the criminal justice system (CJS) for England and Wales. For each process a brief description of the function is included...