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Conservation Areas

Areas designated as Conservation Areas under Section 69 of the Planning (Listed buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, 1990, regarded as being an area of special architectural or historical interest


School locations in Nottinghamshire. This data only includes publicly accessible schools and academies, and does not contain independent (private) schools.

Pay and Display Parking

Pay and Display parking in the City of Nottingham.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking in the city of Nottingham.

Residential Parking

Residential Parking in the City of Nottingham.

Sporting Stadiums

Point locations of sporting stadia in Nottinghamshire.

NCC maintained Community Centres

Community Centres owned and maintained by Nottingham City Council.


Museums and art galleries located in Nottingham City. The data includes facilities operated by Nottingham City Council, as well as those operated by other organisations. Previously data was...

Leisure Centres

Location of leisure centres owned or operated by Nottingham City Council. The data includes two community-run leisure centres in Nottingham City that are publicly accessible.

Proposed Cycle Routes Safeguarding (Indicative)

Land protected for existing and future cycle routes and infrastructure.

Minerals Safeguarding Area

Minerals Safeguarding Areas (MSAs) provide for the safeguarding of proven mineral resources which are, or may become, of economic importance from unnecessary sterilisation by non-mineral...

Retail Opportunity Areas

Retail Opportunity Areas have been identified as appropriate areas for improvement and would be supported for retail and environmental enhancements contributing to the wider regeneration of the...

Railway Station Safeguarding

Areas of land protected for possible future railway stations.

Rail Line Upgrading (Indicative)

Areas of land safeguarded for future raill line upgrading.

Proposed NET Stop (Indicative)

Net stop proposed within the City Centre close to Broadmarsh and the new college site.

Proposed Pedestrian Environment Improvements

Comprehensive Environmental Improvements for Pedestrians and Cyclists - City Centre improvements to the pedestrian and public transport environment.

Local Plan Boundary

City Council administrative boundary

NET Safeguarding (Indicative)

Area of land that is protected for future possible extension of the NET.

Land Safeguarded for Health Facilities

The extent of land safeguarded for the development of Health Facilites within Nottingham City.

Independent Retail Clusters

Retail designation; the clusters provide varied frontages to a series of main routes that link the City Centre to surrounding neighbourhoods. The clusters make a positive contribution to the...