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Highway Route Improvement Safeguarding (Indicative)

Indicative area safeguarding for highway improvement routes within Nottingham City.

Highway Planning Lines

The area of Highway Planning Lines safeguarded for road improvements within Nottingham City, indicating areas of land required to deliver transport schemes.

Proposed Enhanced Pedestrian Connections (Indicative)

Land protected for pedestrian routes and infrastructure.

Primary Shopping Area

Defined area where retail development is concentrated (generally comprising the Primary and those Secondary Frontages which are adjoining and closely related to the primary shopping frontage).

Proposed Public Spaces (Indicative)

Indicative location of public squares to be created or improved within Nottingham City Centre.

Focal Points

Identified Focal Points relate to views within the townscape of the City Centre which need to be considered in the design of development.

City Centre Caves Area

Area within the City Centre with a concentrated area of caves.

City Centre Quarters

Areas identified for regeneration focus. The City Centre has areas where specific uses cluster together or which have a particular character or identity. The Nottingham-Beeston canal is at the...


Area of land prioritised for regeneration. The area lies to the south east of the City Centre, and comprises the full extent of the Waterside Regeneration Zone (as referred to in the Core Strategy).

Landmark Features

The location of Landmark Features within Nottingham City Centre. Landmark Features are points of local interest and significance within the townscape.

Landmark Buildings

The location of Landmark Buildings within Nottingham City Centre. Landmark Buildings are points of local interest and significance within the townscape.

Local Centres

The location of local retail centres within Nottingham City. These include a range of small shops of a local nature, serving a small catchment. Typically, local centres might include, amongst...

Enterprise Zone

Areas of high growth potential where simpler planning and discounted business rates can be used to boost the local economy. Within Nottingham, the Boots Campus, Abbey Street/Leengate, and...

Green Belt

The extent of the Green Belt around Nottingham - Derby which appears within the boundaries of Nottingham City. The Local Plan policy is to maintain the openness of the Green Belt.

Supporting the Growth of Further Education and Higher Education Facilities

The extent of sites safeguarded for Further and Higher Education, Research and Development, and Information & Communication Technology facilities within Nottingham City.

Site Allocations

Areas of land safeguarded for future development.

Public Rights of Way

This data contains information for definitive Public Rights of Way: this being a digital representation of the information in the Definitive Map and Statement which is the Council's legal register...

Designated Alcohol Public Place Order

Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) give police officers discretionary powers to require a person to stop drinking and confiscate alcohol or containers of alcohol in public places. Publicly...

Adult Social Care

Location of all adult social care services in Nottingham

Community Centres

Location of community centres in Nottingham City. This includes council, voluntary, and privately run centres. Private community centres may not be fully complete, e.g. church halls are not...