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Space spectrum strategy

This document, published 1 Mar 2016, sets out Ofcom's proposed space spectrum strategy, which covers the use of spectrum by the satellite and space science (including earth observation) sectors....

Post: business tracking survey

Data collected from a survey of UK businesses about the postal service. The postal tracking survey is conducted each year and provides data on use of postal services, in terms of volumes of post...

Senior salary disclosure

Ofcom publishes the salary details of its Board and Executive Committee. In addition to the individuals named in the Annual Report, there are several individuals whose salaries were greater than...

UK Spectrum Map

The data is in JSON format and is used to populate Ofcom’s Interactive Spectrum Map. It provides information on how different spectrum bands are used in the United Kingdom. This data covers...

Comparing customer service quality

Comparing the quality of customer service. Based on Ofcom's annual research into customer satisfaction. Includes Reasons to Complain data and Complaints Handling data.

Gifts and Hospitality register

Register of gifts and hosptality given and received by Ofcom Board, Content Board and Executive Committee members

Tariff Tables

Tariff Tables set out the payments due to Ofcom by sector

Public Service Broadcasting Tracker

The public service broadcasting tracking research survey covers UK adults' attitudes towards public service broadcasting on television, their satisfaction with PSB provision, and the importance to...

Financial Penalties

Financial penalties imposed for the period 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014

Board and Executive Committee expenses

Board and Executive Committee expenses

Prompt payment returns

% of invoices paid within 5/ 10 days

The Communications Market Report

The Ofcom Communications Market Report has been published every year since 2004. It is now an interactive data portal, which allows users to interrogate data collected from industry by Ofcom, data...

Wireless Telegraphy Register

These files are a snapshot of the October 2017 data in Ofcom’s Wireless Telegraphy Register (WTR). The register provides information about who is licensed to operate services in specific...

Children's media literacy report

Annual report on children's media literacy in the UK. This report provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as detailed...

Technology Tracker

The Technology Tracker started in 2004. This research measures awareness, access, use of and attitudes towards fixed and mobile telecoms, internet, multi-channel TV, and radio, among UK adults...

Broadcast radio transmitters: technical parameters

The following information comprises details of the technical parameters of all analogue VHF, MF, and DAB transmitters (including services on multiplexes) currently on-air. In-use parameters are...

Wi-Fi airborne measurements

This data accompanies the two reports we published on our website on the 13th May 2016: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi airborne measurements, and 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi airborne measurements over Northampton. Please see...

Digital television update

The survey provides data on ownership and acquisition of television sets and other receiving equipment such as set-top boxes.

Salary scales

Staff pay bands by level

Postal volumes and revenues

UK postal market volumes and revenues, covering letters and parcels. The data are sourced from information requests made by Ofcom under its statutory powers, information provided by Royal Mail as...