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UK Frequency Allocation Plan

The data is in JSON format and is used to populate Ofcom’s UKFAT. The UK FAT details the uses to which various frequency bands are put in the UK (referred to as 'allocations') and which bodies are...

Viewers' experience of television reception

This document reports on research into the frequency of interference or disruption experienced by television broadcast viewers, across all platforms, as well as the types of disruption experienced...

Telecommunications market data tables

This quarterly dataset for the UK fixed-line and mobile telecommunication markets contains data for aggregated call revenues, mobile phone and landline connections, call volumes, message volumes...

SMEs and communication services

Ofcom undertakes research on the availability and experience of communications services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, defined as businesses with fewer than 250 employees. A...

UK Attitudes to the Broadcast media

This report provides a summary of findings from Ofcom’s Annual Media Tracker survey. The research explores UK adults’ attitudes and opinions towards television and radio broadcasting, and related...

Adults' media use and attitudes

The Adults' Media Use and Attitudes report is published as part of Ofcom's media literacy duties. It provides data on adults' media use and attitudes across TV, radio, games, mobile and the...

UK fixed-line broadband performance

Data on the performance of UK residential fixed-line broadband services. These data show the actual broadband speeds received by a sample of consumers who have had speed monitoring equipment...

BBC performance tracker

The BBC performance tracker provides Ofcom with an evidence base to assess audience opinions on the BBC’s performance against its delivery of four public purposes.

Pricing Trends for communications services

This report looks at pricing trends for residential phone, broadband and TV services in the UK. It examines the prices of standalone and bundled services and what consumers spend on them. It...

Radio broadcasting

Number of community radio stations and commercial radio revenues and expenses

Broadcast radio

Number of commercial radio services broadcasting, commercial radio revenues, and community radio revenues and expenses

Broadcast media: hours, revenue and spend

These datasets apply to Ofcom's annual publication, the Media Nations Report.

Space spectrum strategy

This document, published 1 Mar 2016, sets out Ofcom's proposed space spectrum strategy, which covers the use of spectrum by the satellite and space science (including earth observation) sectors....

Post: business tracking survey

Data collected from a survey of UK businesses about the postal service. The postal tracking survey is conducted each year and provides data on use of postal services, in terms of volumes of post...

Senior salary disclosure

Ofcom publishes the salary details of its Board and Executive Committee. In addition to the individuals named in the Annual Report, there are several individuals whose salaries were greater than...

UK Spectrum Map

The data is in JSON format and is used to populate Ofcom’s Interactive Spectrum Map. It provides information on how different spectrum bands are used in the United Kingdom. This data covers...

Comparing customer service quality

Comparing the quality of customer service. Based on Ofcom's annual research into customer satisfaction. Includes Reasons to Complain data and Complaints Handling data.

Gifts and Hospitality register

Register of gifts and hosptality given and received by Ofcom Board, Content Board and Executive Committee members

Tariff Tables

Tariff Tables set out the payments due to Ofcom by sector

Public Service Broadcasting Tracker

The public service broadcasting tracking research survey covers UK adults' attitudes towards public service broadcasting on television, their satisfaction with PSB provision, and the importance to...