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Smoke Control Areas in Oxford City Council Administrative Area

Smoke Control Areas in Oxford City

Brownfield Sites

The brownfield register lists previously developed (brownfield) land within Oxford where residential development is considered suitable, available and achievable

Oxford City Grants Awarded

Record of all Community grants awarded from 2014 15 To 2016 17

Recycling Banks

Location of Recycling Banks in Oxford and the materials they accept

Polling Stations

Location of polling stations for Oxford residents to vote

Council- Owned Garages

Oxford City Council-owned garages that are made available to the public to rent

Community Centres

Location and facilities for community centres in Oxford

Car Parks

All off-street car parks in Oxford

Oxford City Council spending over £500

Oxford City Council spending over £500

Corporate Plan 2016-2020

Setting out the objectives and targets for the City Council for the next 4 years

Budget Book 2016/17

Budget Book 2016/17

Strava Cycling heatmap

Strava Cycling heatmap

UK River water quality data

The Water Quality Archive provides data on water quality measurements. Samples are taken from sampling points round the country, including: agricultural, coastal, estuary, rivers, lakes, ponds,...

Bandwidth Diagram 2015

Oxfordshire road network bandwidth diagram 2015

Corporate Plan OCC

Oxfordshire County Council Corporate Plan 16-20

Annual Town Congestion Report A and B roads

Document showing key congestion spots across Oxfordshire

Congestionreport Ox City

Congestion - Oxford City Centre

Automatic Cycle Path Count

Cycle path count numbers

Oxfordshire Pcode Electricity Data 2013

Overview of Oxfordshire energy consumption by postcode

EV Charge Points Oxford (2)

Electric Vehicle charging points