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Ancient trees

Data showing the location of all the ancient trees in Plymouth prior to 2016. Any changes in the records of ancient trees made since then will not be reflected within this data.

Plymouth Wildflower Meadows

Name, area and type of wildflower meadows in Plymouth as of November 2019.

Percentage Adult Population That Eat Healthy - Plymouth - 2006-2008

Data showing the Percentage Adult Population That Eat Healthy 2006-2008

Playing Pitches

Data showing various details on the playing pitches in Plymouth.

Empty homes brought back into use

Data showing the number of empty homes brought back into use in Plymouth (2006 to 2015)

Household profiles

Data showing household information in Plymouth including central heating, occupancy rating, average household size and average number of rooms and bedrooms

Valid planning applications

Data showing information on planning applications in Plymouth


Data showing the industries Plymouth residents worked in.

National Identity

Data showing how people in Plymouth identify themselves by nationality.

Economic Activity/Status

Data showing the economic activity/status of residents in Plymouth.

Neighbourhood Boundaries

Data showing the neighbourhood boundaries in Plymouth.

Crowdfund Plymouth

Multiple datasets showing information around Crowdfund Plymouth, a Plymouth City Council campaign which allows the council to review local projects and pledge towards...

Plymouth City Council compliments and complaints

Data showing the amount of compliments and complaints received by Plymouth City Council's planning (now Strategic Planning and Infrastructure) department


Data showing the language spoken at home in Plymouth.

Marital and Civil Partnership Status

Data showing marital and civil partnership status in Plymouth.

Number of dwellings

Data showing the number of dwellings in Plymouth

Land use

Data showing the land use statistics of previously-developed land in Plymouth.

Lifetime Homes

Data showing the percentage of dwellings developed to Lifetime Homes standards in Plymouth

Proficiency in English

Data showing how proficient Plymouth residents are in English.

Economic Development

Statistics on the Economic Development Scorecard for Plymouth City Council for the year 2106. This data is available yearly.