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Brownfield Land Register

Plymouth City Council's register of Brownfield Land suitable for housing development in accordance with legislation and Government guidance

Ancient trees

Data showing the location of all the ancient trees in Plymouth prior to 2016. Any changes in the records of ancient trees made since then will not be reflected within this data.

Plymouth Wildflower Meadows

Name, area and type of wildflower meadows in Plymouth as of November 2019.

Stumpd counters 2019 Devonport and The Hoe

Footfall counters - Devonport park, Autumn 2019. The Hoe, Christmas 2019 This is an evolving dataset being progressed by the Future Parks Accelerator programme:...

Local Nature Reserves

Name, area and location of Local Nature Reserves within Plymouth as of November 2019

Stumpd counters - Central Park

Footfall counters installed in Central Park. Operational during October 2018, snapshot only.

Libraries information

Information on Plymouth’s libraries including location, opening times and facilities.

Library issues

Weekly issues by library from January 2018.

Country of birth

Data showing the country of birth of Plymouth residents.

Independent living

This data has been taken from LG Inform at data reference ID 31. It shows the percentage of vulnerable people achieving independent living in Plymouth from...


Data showing all the accessible and inaccessible green space within Plymouth.

Recreation spaces

Data showing the location of play spaces in Plymouth. Updated 2016. Any changes made after this date will not be reflected in this data set.

Housing land supply

Data showing Housing Land supply in Plymouth

Cricket pitches

Data showing the usage of cricket pitches in Plymouth by organisation.

Affordable houses built

Data showing the number of affordable houses built in Plymouth

Council owned land

Plymouth City Council Owned Land

Joint Local Plan maps

Shapefiles showing the designated and commitment sites within the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP) area. CONSULTATION VERSION. These versions of the maps are as they were...

Woodland sites

Data that has been collected over the course of 2016 with volunteers on a Citizen Science project at Poole Farm. This is specifically data gained from sampling woodland sites in the Bircham and...

Council staff

Data showing Plymouth City Council staff by department and year.

South West Coast Path

Data showing the route of the South West Coast Path through Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.