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Export Licence Files

Trader name, address, registered RPA no. Licence data. Transport Import documents

Email Refund Certificate Applications database

Holds email addresses of traders

Sheep & Goat Inspection Database

Results of Sheep & Goat inspections for England only

Rural Land Register

Geographical map of England which contains parcel references linked to customers

Internal Quality checks database

Details of processing accuracy rates

School Milk

details of school milk applications

BFM (Butter For manufacture)

Scheme files - incl customer/ payment/inspection/irregularity/correspondence data for BFM scheme administration

Cattle Tracking System

Contains details of cattle births, movements, markets, commons, slaughterhouses & eventual death/slaughter details.

Animal Movement Licensing System

Contains details of animals movements, markets, commons, slaughterhouses - sheep, goats, pigs, bovines

BCC Scheme spreadsheet

Beef Carcase Classifer (BCC) Inspections undertaken

Export refund claim files

data on export refund applications

Physical Inspections database

Database providing a wide range of information to facilitate the processing of physical land eligibility inspections & the management of that work.

Pig Carcase Grading

Pig Carcase Grading inspections undertaken

Customer Complaints database

CRM (Customer Records Management) system used to record complaints to the Agency

Fruit & Veg (FVP)

Scheme files incl customer/land/ payment/inspection/irregularity/correspondence data for fruit/veg. Includes bank account details.

Ear tag information

Cattle, sheep and Goats tag ordering information

Remote Sensing database

details of Remote Sensing inpections undertaken

Single Payment Scheme Entitlement register

Details of entitlements to individial applicants split by land productiveness

Call Tracker

contains details of customer email requests

CAP UK Payments Public storage transactions as contained within the Market Scheme data 2009

Amounts received by UK beneficiaries under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The information is published annually (30th April) to meet the requirements of Commission Regulation (EC) No...