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Flood Zones

Flood zones within Rutland

Industrial Estates

Locations of all Industrial estates in Rutland

Tree Preservation Orders

Details of all Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) within Rutland County Council.

Animal habitats

Information on Bat roosts, Badger setts and Great Crested Newt ponds within Rutland

Open Spaces

Location of open spaces within Rutland.

Conservation Areas

Conservation area data for Rutland


Locations of all registered village greens in Rutland

NATS Consultation Zone

NATS (National Air traffic Services) Consultation Zones for wind farms

Mineral Safeguarding

Mineral Safeguarding information within Rutland

Article 4

Article 4 data within Rutland

Town Centre Classifications

Classification of all commercial properties in the Town Centres in Rutland

Parks and Gardens

Locations of all parks and gardens in Rutland.