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Offender Learning and Skills Service Contracts

Offender Learning and Skills Service Contracts - provider specific

Education and Training in England: Formal First Steps

Formal First Steps education and training data in England. The data shows participation by learner demographics and subject area. Formal First Steps (FFS) is a short episode of learning...

Complaints Log

Log containing information on complaints the Agency receives about providers of education and training

Community Learning in England

Community Learning includes a range of community based and outreach learning opportunities, primarily managed and delivered by local authorities and General Further Education Colleges designed to...

Organisational Development Plans

Yorkshire and Humber Area Team Organisational Development Plans


A list of all non regulated learning aims which the Skills Funding Agency has approved for public funding in Community Learning for 2013/14. One applies to new learners. A separate list...

Skills Funding Agency Risk Register

National Risk Register identifies particular areas that may be of potential concern

Facilities information and documentation

Facilities information and documentation per each office

Yorkshire & Humberside Communication Data Base

Yorkshire & Humberside Communication Data Base This includes contact details for all colleges and providers.

FE data library: qualifications in the population based on the labour force survey

Reports to inform understanding of qualifications in the population.

FE data library: Apprenticeship Vacancies

Data on the number of vacancies posted and applications made through the Apprenticeship vacancy online system. Apprenticeship vacancies is the official job site for Apprenticeships in England...

Skills Funding Agency List of Declared Subcontractors (previously known as the Subcontracting Register)

A list of subcontractors that hold at least £100,000 of contracts in aggregate with one or more lead providers for the academic year. The List of Declared Subcontractors is compiled using data...

Local Authority Further Education and Skills

Further education and skills in England enrolments and achievements data by local authority district.

Human Relations - Learning & Development

Health and Safety Training Records; SDE; Learner Records; Driving Assessment;

Further Education and Skills Statistical First Release

The Further Education and Skills Statistical First Release shows information on learner participation and achievement for Further Education and Skills from 2008/09 to 2012/13. It includes...

Strategic Intervention

Equality and Diversity Data Report- supporting files

Spend in the Skills Funding Agency

HM Treasury guidance requires us to publish expenditure (payments) over £25,000. We publish details of all of our expenditure in an easy access format (csv) for each month. The files contain the...

FE data library: workplace learning

Information on workplace learning data. Workplace Learning covers a broad range of training – from basic skills to Level 2, Level 3 and other higher-level skills such as Leadership and...

Next Step/National Careers Service invoices & supporting evidence

Next Step/National Careers Service invoices & supporting evidence

Lifelong Learning Accounts

Lifelong Learning Accounts, will contain personal staff information.