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Education and Training in England

Education and Training covers classroom-based further education learning that takes place at a further education college or provider. The data shows success rates, retention rates and achievement...

Business continuity plans

Yorkshire and Humber Relationship Team Business continuity plans

Apprenticeship: Success Rates in England 2012/13

The Education & Training National Success Rate Tables (NSRT) and the Apprenticeships National Success Rate Tables (NSRT) for the academic year 2012/13 have been released. The tables can be...

Improvement Action Plans

Improvement Action Plans (Notice to Improve) follow on from notice to improve, sets out expectations and timescales.

National achievement rates tables 2015 to 2016

Apprenticeship, education and training annual national achievement rate tables (NARTs), including open data CSVs. The national achievement rates tables (NARTs) are summary indicators of...

Business cases to increase Recommended Funding Limit

Business cases to increase providers Recommended Funding Limit

Provider audit reports

Provider audit reports: May contain personal Learner details.

Offender Learning and Skills Service Contracts

Offender Learning and Skills Service Contracts - provider specific

Education and Training in England: Formal First Steps

Formal First Steps education and training data in England. The data shows participation by learner demographics and subject area. Formal First Steps (FFS) is a short episode of learning...

Complaints Log

Log containing information on complaints the Agency receives about providers of education and training

Community Learning in England

Community Learning includes a range of community based and outreach learning opportunities, primarily managed and delivered by local authorities and General Further Education Colleges designed to...

Organisational Development Plans

Yorkshire and Humber Area Team Organisational Development Plans


A list of all non regulated learning aims which the Skills Funding Agency has approved for public funding in Community Learning for 2013/14. One applies to new learners. A separate list...

Skills Funding Agency Risk Register

National Risk Register identifies particular areas that may be of potential concern

Freedom of Information Requests

Excel spreadsheet, contains requests and requestor details and compliance information, including numbers of request, and time for delivery

Funding Year Values

Skills Funding Agency contract values for Colleges, training organisations and employers who are in receipt of a contract for a given funding year. Colleges, training organisations, local...

Apprenticeships Grant Entitlement

Apprenticeship Grants for Employers (AGE) scheme entitlement incentive breakdowns by age, region, local authority and subject sector area.

Application for exemption business cases (Minimum Level of Performance)

Application for exemption business cases (Minimum Level of Performance): Evidence to support non removal of areas of learning.

Learning Records Service

Data system supporting the issuing of an Unique Learner Number and enabling the learner's access to their Personal Learner Record

Offender Learning and Skills Service Delivery Plan

Offender Learning and Skills Service Delivery Plan sets out agreed parameters for delivery in the area.