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Sunderland Council Football Pitches

List of all current council owned football pitches.

Parking Zones

Location of Parking Zones

Town or Village Greens

Location of all Town or Village Greens within Sunderland. Data also contains information on date registered and also the Town/Village Green number

Ashbrooke Character Appraisal

Supplementary planning guidance document for Ashbrooke Conservation Area Character Study

Sunderland urban area boundary

This is the boundary of the urban area within Sunderland

Tree Preservation Orders

Location of Trees with a order associated to them along with specific information about the tree

Sunderland Wards 1982

All 25 historic Ward Boundaries as of 1982 in Sunderland.

Sunderland Sports Halls

List of Sports Halls in the City of Sunderland. Other information provided with this is number of courts and who the hall belongs too (e.g school, leisure centre etc).

Sunderland Leisure Facilities

List of all Leisure Facilities in Sunderland. This includes leisure centres, sports centres and complexes.

Holmeside Planning Framework

Development framework document for Holmeside Triangle in Sunderland

Contaminated Land

Register of sites determined as contaminated

Sunderland Mineral Safeguarded Resources

These are the Safeguarded mineral resources in the City of Sunderland (UDP Policy M3)

Sunderland Sites of Special Scientific Interest

List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest with the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Theatres Cinemas

List of Theatres/Cinemas within the City of Sunderland.

Sunderland Wildlife Corridors

These are the wildlife corridors in the City of Sunderland (Policy CN23)

Sunderland Recycling Sites

List of Recycling Sites across the City. These sites include everything from paper and cans to shoes and textiles.

Sunderland Schools Locations 2010

List of all Schools - Nursery, Infants, Juniors, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

Transport Schemes

Digitised pland of proposed major road schemes and information realting to the extents of the scheme

Sunderland Vets

List of Veterinary surgeries within Sunderland, including contact numbers.

Sunderland Flood Risk Zones

Areas of flood risks within the City of Sunderland.