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Brownfield Land Register

Brownfield sites that are included in brownfield land registers are those that local planning authorities have assessed against the criteria in regulation 4 of the 2017 Regulations and any other...

Air Quality Monitors

Provides information in respect of location of monitoring stations by means of passive devices (diffusion tubes).

Local Plan Urban Area Boundary

The Swindon Urban Area Boundary as identified within the Adopted Local Plan.


Boundary of Wichelstowe area.

Tree Preservation Orders

Boundary of all TPOs within the borough of Swindon.

Strategic Green Corridors

Strategic green corridors as identified within the Adopted Local Plan.

Strategic Development Areas

Strategic Development Areas as allocated within the Adopted Local Plan.

Retail Core Area

Boundary of Retail Core Area for Swindon Borough Council.

Private Drinking Water Sampling

Locations where Private Water supplies are recorded and monitored by Swindon Borough Council.

Parks and Allotments

Provision of allotments in the non-parished areas within the Borough of Swindon.

Open Space Areas

Protected open space as identfiied within the Adopted Local Plan.

Town Centre Boundary

Town Centre Boundary as identified within the Adopted Central Area Action Plan.

New Eastern Villages Boundary

New Eastern Villages as within the Submission Local Plan 2013. This boundary is yet to be adopted.

Major Highway Schemes

Areas showing major work carried out for Highways and Drainage improvments.

Local Development Orders

Local development order boundaries.


Localities are urban sub divsion are component areas of the urban areas of Swindon Local Authrority Area.

Key Employment Areas

Key Employment Areas as identified within the Adopted Local Plan.

EXP Match Day

Match day parking zones football matches which prioritise parking for local residents and busineses played at home.

Retail Monitoring

The use classes within defined retail boundaries as identified in the Local Plan.

Tadpole Farm Boundary

The Tadpole Farm allocation boundary as within the Submisison Local Plan 2013. This boundary is not adopted.