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Electronic Seeds Plant (ESP)

Plant Seed Certification on-line. Electronic data delivery for the seeds and plant breeding industry.

Pollinators as delivery agents

Feasibility study into the potential of crop pollinators to act as delivery agents of entomopathogenic fungi

Acute Oak decline

Improved understanding of the causes, distribution and scale of Acute Oak Decline in the UK

Commodity Pest Risk Analysis

Help prepare the UK for the new EU Plant Health regime proposals that are expected to require commodity risk assessments for some new potential trades in plants for planting.

Anti-Fungal Treatments in Food Animals

Development and validation of methods for screening and confirmatory analyses of residues of anti-fungal treatments in food animals

Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) Statutory testing

Potato Cyst Nematode Statutory testing of soil samples

Immune Suppression (Insect Pests)

Development of a novel, environmentally-friendly strategy for controlling insect pests through targeted disruption of key pest defence processes

Pharmaceuticals monitoring

Targeted monitoring for a few pharmaceuticals at most vulnerable sources and final waters

Microencapsulation of bio-actives

Development of a delivery system for bio-active agents utilised within novel plant protection technologies.

Gelatine Species Identification

Identifying species of gelatine added to meat products

Action Recommendations

Eradication and containment advice provided to Plant Health Seed Inspectors upon the interception of non-native invertebrate and disease plant pests.

Alternative Plant Protection Methods

Evaluation of the potential of bio-active factors from a wasp venom (a phenoloxidase and rVPr3 (insect immunosuppressive protein)) to reduce pesticide usage by improving biological control strategies.

Entry Level agri-environment Scheme (ELS) Pilot Evaluation 2007

Re-evaluation of Entry Level agri-environment Scheme (ELS) Pilot Scheme - Questionnaire responses

Investigate small hive beetle

Investigate control methods for small hive beetle

Small Hive Beetle Control

Investigation into potential control measures for small hive beetle

Antibody-Mediated Insect Pest Control

The effects of feeding antisera raised against two different insect peptide hormones

Orchard and Arable Data

Data for use in estimating exposure of wildlife to agricultural pesticides

Set-aside vegetation survey

Botanical survey of land formerly known as set-aside and Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAEC) 14 margins

Insect Protein

Work to evaluate insect yield (house fly larvae) on artificial substrate diet.

SEPF Bioinformatics

Developing bioinformatics for analysis of sequence data from the environment.