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Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

KIM Intranet

Owned by secretariat (content). Update KIM area site content Notices, Newsletter, Wisdom information, SALA - EDM, Fario, Iron Mountain, Condeco and Scanning.

Iron Mountain

Storage contractors - online and records management system. They collect case files on request, this is logged on ISCIS. HQ also use for HR Files, Minutes etc

Champ (Case Handling And Making Payments)

Processing database containing information of insolvent companies and claimants who have applied for redundancy related payments. Also includes information on solvent companies who have applied for...

Ad hoc databases & word documents

Various work plans and general self management spreadsheets & word documents are in use

SIP16 database

Record of disclosed pre-pack sales in administration

ANR (Advanced Notification of Redundancy)

Information gathering database for advanced notification of redundancy for companies with over 20 Employee's at the risk of redundancy at any one site.

Employee Assistance Programme

Dedicated information and counselling service for The Insolvency Service employees - produce reports on types of issues raised by staff, grades of staff contacting them etc.


Currently provide payroll service

Daisy Wisdom

Electronic Records Management application - Service wide RM storage solution, covering ISCIS & CHAMP Electronic Case Files, Electronic Staff Files, Corporate, Financial Management &...

Moon Beever Secure Website

A database to allow our contracted agent to monitor the receipt of Income Payments made to the The Insolvency Service. The database is used via a web application to instruct our agents and receive...

Admin recruitment agency

Admin recruitment agency - will hold details of such agency staff, their length with us and pay details etc.

Trainline/ Hogg Robinson Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets summarising travel expenditure of staff within The The Insolvency Service, Investigation and Enforcement Division

User Satisfaction survey

A questionnaire is completed by users of our service (Bankrupts; Directors; Insolvency Practitioners; Redundancy Payments claimants). Dataset has no attributable personal data, only views of the...

Investigation and Enforcement Division Workforce and Location Figures

Spreadsheet updated on a monthly basis showing Investigation and Enforcement Division Staff by grade and Location

HR Online

Human Resources Personnel database

Civil Service Learning

Learning records for all staff who undertaken eLearning or attend class room courses on CSL

Legal Advice

Provide legal advice on HR related matters including for employment tribunals and draft policies etc.


Storage Contract user database

Occupational Health

Occupational Health providers: Have visibility of a range of data relating to individuals who are referred to them by managers/HR. This will include data relating to age, medical history and...