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Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

The Pensions Regulator - Spend over £25k

Spend over £25K in The Pensions Regulator as from 2011/12. Reports for 2010/11 were for spend over £500.

Ibase information database

Information database for Intelligence Analysis. Personal Data - As relating to formal role in scheme - address, telephone number, email address. Openly available company information as downloaded...

Financial Forecasting System

Financial Forecasting System (Go-Live Sept 2010). In house development (sharepoint) to support financial management for budget managers and finance. No personal data.

Call Quality System

The Call Quality System contains details of all phone calls that are made to and from the regulator's customer support teams. This information will include personal data about the call (e.g. phone...

Pensions Rgulator personnel data (CIPHR)

HR system for managing personnel records. Personal data & sensitive: Name, Address, Email, Telephone, Disability, Health, Sickness, Attendance, Performance

Contact database

Contact database for communications purposes contains contact information and contact history and response. The data is split in to those contacts that are managed automatically and those which...

Smart Debit

Third party levy payment services. Services to collect direct debit payments on behalf of TPR in respect of levy fees payable by occupational pension schemes. Direct Debit Account & Sort...

SAGE Payroll

Payroll system to enable staff salary payments.

Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System contains details of individuals and organisations that have made contact with the regulator since 2006. This will include personal details and will include...

SAGE Accounts

Accounts and invoicing system. Personal data:- Name, NI number, PAYE information, Salary, Bank account details, Company information, Budget information.

Purchase to pay

Procurement System to enable requisition of purchase orders and invoice matching to support supplier payments. Finance information / Personal Data - Role Based / Contact Information

PAYE data

PAYE data received from HMRC to enable the identification of employers who are required to comply with Automatic Enrolment duties. De-personalised.

Synthesis telephone system

Synthesis is used by the regulator to manage outbound telephone call campaigns. The system will contain names and contact details of individuals and organisations that are part of each outbound...

TRISH Trustees Register

Stores details of trustees and who TPR have appointed to Schemes. Go-Live July 1st 2010. Trustees apply to be on the Register with the aim of getting work from TPR

Scheme registration data (SCORE)

Scheme Registration database. Some personal data: role level / small schemes. Registerable under S.59 of the Act