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Certificates & Applications in TSB

Application forms and Certificates that have been returned to Technical Services Branch (TSB) following a test. Each type of form and certificate is on a separate film

Ministry of Transport (MOT) VTS Files

Vehicle Testing System files, application forms and supporting documentation (including plans). Approval documentation and copies of any Vehicle Tester visits and disciplinary action.

HGV & PSV Test Certificates

Pads of Certificates for Heavy Goods Vehicles and Public Service Vehicles, including originals before issue and carbon copies once issued.

Vehicle Testing System (VTS)

Vehicle Testing Operational IS System (incorporates Technical Records )

Compliance Paper Records - OLBS

Letters sent from or to the Compliance Team and sometimes to Licensing. Hardcopies of conviction notifications from Prosecution and Legal Services (PLS) or Area Offices. Offences from Area offices...

Single Vehicle Approval (SVA)

Information used to process SVA Applications and is Lotus Notes based, containing report owner personal details and technical information.


VOSA Financial system incorporating General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Cash Management


Holds graded sanitised intelligence relating to UK and non UK vehicle operators, MOT garages.

Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Prosecution & Legal Service (PLS)

Case management database system. Details of prosecution cases taken and results

List of Acceptable Equipment

List of equipment that is acceptable for garages to use by class. It ensures that garages buy approved equipment. VOSA staff use the database and garages use a paper copy.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Information captured at the Roadside Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. Only vehicles matching specified criteria (e.g. expired test) are captured.

Unpublished dataset

Unpublished dataset

Mobile Compliance

Mobile Compliance - Roadside Enforcement Operational IS System

Preparer ID

A Registration Service for Preparers and Presenters together with Manufacturers holding name, address, email & telephone details etc.

Sources of Information Register

Details of various sources of information

Vehicle Safety Branch Defects Database

Holds information on alleged vehicle safety defects that have been reported to Vehicle Safety Branch from various sources.