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Mobile Library Timetable

Locations, days of the weeks and times of Warwickshire County Council's Mobile Library service.

School Admissions Offers - 2008

Number of school places offered in 2008, by school, including number of spaces available and distance to school if appropriate.

Bridge Height Restrictions

A list of bridges and their height restrictions

Pupils eligible for Free School Meals

Percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals by school for 2008 - 2010

Ageing Population

Percentage of the total population who are of retirement age (60+ Females, 65+ Males), by SOA.

Skills and Qualifications

Those aged 16-74 years old with no qualifications, NVQ Level 2 or higher and NVQ Level 4 or higher, by SOA.

Health Deprivation

Health Deprivation and Disability Score and Rank from Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2007, by SOA. Low ranks denote greater levels of relative deprivation where 1 = most deprived SOA and 32,482 =...

Warwickshire Parish Boundaries

A KML file detailing the Parishes that make up the county of Warwickshire.

Pupils by Ethnic Groups

Percentage of pupils by ethnic group 2008 - 2010 by school

Warwickshire Schools (Detail)

Detailed information on Warwickshire Schools, including Headteacher, email address, starting age, leaving age, governance.

Pupils by First Language

Percentage of pupils in Warwickshire Schools by first language, by school for 2008 to 2010

Pupils with SEN status

Percentage of Pupils with SEN status - School Action, School Action Plus and Statemented for 2008 - 2010

School Admissions Offers - 2009

Number of school places offered in 2009, by school, including number of spaces available and distance to school if appropriate.

Warwickshire Councillors

An RSS Feed detailing the elected members of Warwickshire County Council and the ward they represent.

Recycling Centres

A list of all recycling centres across Warwickshire

Library Catalogue New Items

An RSS Feed of new items added to the WCC Library Catalogue. Data Items include: Title, Author, Category (may be multiple) and a Description which includes the ISBN reference and year of publication.

Medium Term Savings

Details of Warwickshire County Council's medium terms savings.

Pupil numbers on roll

Number of pupils enrolled in Warwickshire schools by school from 2008 - 2010

Public Weighbridges

A list of all public weighbridges in Warwickshire, including address, telephone, capacity, approximate dimensions, opening times and fees