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Waveney District Council/Mobile food vendors/Street traders

Mobile food vendors/Street traders

Waveney District Council/Member allowances

Member allowances

Waveney District Council/Pet shops

Pet shops

Public toilets

Public Toilets owned by Waveney District Council, Suffolk, UK. Data formatted according to ODUG national schema, see: Updated annually. Data...

Waveney District Council/Discretionary housing payments

Discretionary housing payments

Waveney District Council/Members Attendances - Annual Returns

Members Attendances - Annual Returns

Waveney District Council/Business rate properties

Business rate properties

Waveney District Council/Insurance claims

Insurance claims

Waveney District Council/Business rates live accounts

Business rates live accounts

Waveney District Council/Average salary

Average salary

Waveney District Council/Conservation areas

Conservation areas

Waveney District Council/Headcount & Turnover

Headcount & Turnover

Waveney District Council/Election results

Election results

Waveney District Council/Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Waverney District Council/Payments made for penalty charge notices

Payments made for penalty charge notices

Waveney District Council/Planning Applications Received

Planning Applications Received

Waveney District Council/Business rates accounts in credit

Business rates accounts in credit

Waveney District Council/NNDR small business relief

NNDR small business relief

Waveney District Council/Business rates relief awarded

Business rates relief awarded

Waveney District Council/Summary of Homelessness Decisions By Month

Summary of Homelessness Decisions By Month