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DSA 2013 Green Infrastructure

Areas of land designated Green Infrastructure, Policy DM11 of Development Site Allocations 2013, polygons

Wycombe register of grants

Information about grants allocated to voluntary, community and social enterprises by Wycombe District Council.

Town and parish election results

Town and parish election results. Includes candidates for 7 May 2015 elections.

Open Spaces

Areas of open space as identified by the open space study and subsequent open space framework within Wycombe District, polygons

Register of grants

Details of grants supplied by WDC to voluntary, community and social enterprises.

Council spend data

Details of all payments made by the Council.  

Houses of multiple occupation

Properties must be licensed by us if: the property is three storeys or more, and the property is let to five or more tenants who form more than one household It is an offence to operate a...

Local Plan 2004 Safeguarded Land

Areas of designated Safeguarded Land, relevant to Policy GB1 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

EU referendum 23 June 2016

On the question: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Allotment Sites

Wycombe District Council managed allotments, site area polygons

LandFill Sites and Buffer Zones

Areas of landfill within Wycombe District, with three buffer zones (up to 250 m), polygons

Noise Abatement Zones

Noise Abatement Zones near Wycombe Air Park, polygons

Wycombe business rate relief small business

Businesses in the Wycombe district in receipt of small business relief.

Wycombe list of business rates reliefs

Properties in the Wycombe district in receipt of business rate relief.

Wycombe District Council Land

Areas of land owned by Wycombe District Council, polygons

DSA 2013 Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Areas of land designated SSSI, Policy DM13 of Development Site Allocations 2013, polygons

Members allowances

During each term of the Council (i.e. the Four Years between elections) the Council is obligated to convene an Independent Remuneration Panel to consider the current Scheme of Councillors'...

Public health funerals

Public health funerals are funerals arranged by Local Authorities for those people who have died and have no known relatives to arrange or pay for their funeral; or have relatives who do not want...

Wycombe organisation chart

Council organisation chart covering staff in the top three levels of the organisation.

Wycombe Inspire Data

INSPIRE data published by Wycombe District Council