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YDNPA Local Plan Policy C13 – Important open space

Shows land currently protected from development. Yorkshire Dales Local Plan 2015-30.

YDNPA Occupancy restrictions and legal agreements

Occupancy is sometimes restricted by means of a planning condition or by a legal agreement. This is an established and valuable mechanism for securing planning matters arising from a development...

YDNPA Local Plan Policy L1 – Conservation areas (Settle-Carlisle railway)

One of three layers which identifies areas of special architectural and historic importance where development will need to preserve and enhance these qualities; Settle-Carlisle railway conservation...

YDNPA Brownfield Register

A register of brownfield land considered to be suitable for housing development in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

This page lists monthly reports of individual transactions which make up payments to suppliers with a value over £500. Publication of these lists forms part of the Authority's commitment to be open...