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UK Armed Forces Quarterly Personnel Statistics Revision Compendium

A compendium listing all the revisions to strengths and flows for QPR between flow statistics form the period ending 31 March 2009 to the period ending 31 October 2011 and strength statistics from...

Service Docs Database

848 Naval Air Squadron. To track service Docs for Joiners and Drafters

War Pensions Quarterly Statistics

War Pensions statistics. Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: WPQPR

Cemetery Database Post 1900

Cemetery database used to record details of deceased persons buried in Aldershot Military Cemetery and their next of kin

Statistical Series 5

Information on the activities of the Royal Navy Fishery Protection Squadron within British fishery limits. Source agency: Defence Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Armed Forces List 2013

The Armed Forces lists are lists of military officers serving in the British Armed Forces during 2013 broken down by service. The lists include the name, rank, number, post nominals, seniority date...

MOD: senior officials' business expenses, hospitality and meetings, January to December 2018

Data on senior officials' and permanent secretaries' business expenses, hospitality and meetings with external organisations.

Forced Marriage statistics

Information on the number of cases reported to the government’s Forced Marriage Unit via its public helpline and email inbox during a particular calendar year. The Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) is...

TSP 19: UK Regular Forces Intake and Outflow by Age

Intake and outflow to/ from UK regular forces by age Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: TSP 19

Defence Irregularity Reports

Defence Irreugularity reports - MOD reports of irregularities submitted to the DIRC via Defence Network, letters, phone calls. All stored on Magic Database which holds personal data relelvant to...

Quad Service Manpower data

This is a front end to a flat file system containing historical Army, Navy and RAF manpower data from there systems prior to migration to JPA. The system also contains Civilian manpower data from...

TSP 4: UK Armed Forces Quarterly Manning Report

Strengths of, and intake and outflow to/from the UK armed forces, including breakdowns by sex and ethnicity. Please note that this publication is no longer produced following consultation. Details...

Iraq Polling data

MOD is releasing polling data collected in Iraq between June 2005 and the end of 2006 in order to support decision making during Operation Telic, the UK military contribution to the international...

Defence Inflation Estimates

The statistical notice will present a chain-linked Laspeyres price index and corresponding year-on-year price growths for personnel expenditure, contract expenditure and overall defence...

Total Number of Visitors to Joint Support Unit Northwood

The total number of visitors to Joint Support Unit (JSU) Northwood and whether they were MOD visitors or contractors and whether they required car passes.

AFCDT Database

The AFCDT Database contains records of the service No, name, rank, DOB,unit and drug test history for all members of the Armed Forces. The database affords a audiatble data tracking tool to...

MOD: senior officials' domestic and international travel and expenses

Data on senior officials' domestic and international travel and expenses. This report shows domestic and international travel and expenses undertaken by MOD senior officials. The report includes...

Defence Commodity Information The Millie On Line Portal

Information relating to the procurement, movement and consumption of commodities within the MOD Master list of all Logistic online forms and Publications

Royal Navy Situation Reports

From April 2013, the release of this publication will not be announced on the Statistics Publication Hub in line with the new MOD policy of only announcing National Statistics on the Hub. Please...

Lulworth firing programme

Firing notice for Lulworth. For comprehensive information on firing times for Lulworth please access the following link: