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Staff Recognitions Bonuses Scheme (RBS)

Detailed reports showing staff in receipt of RBS payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff permanent promotions

Details of staff permanently promoted. Updated: annually.

Staff performance mark reports

Performance marks for staff in the department. Updated: annually.

Staff in receipt of overtime payments report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of overtime payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff Engagement

Survey of employee engagement levels. Updated: quarterly.

Solicitors Contract meetings

Meeting Minutes from monthly CM meetings with Sols. Updated: monthly.

Rollover Relief Shipping Survey

Database to record the balancing charge from the sale of a ship that a company has elected to roll over to offset against purchase of another ship. Updated: Biannually

Revenue protected tax receipts

Tax receipts that are protected through HMRC activity, such as legislative action or guidance, that prevents non-compliance.

Personal Pensions Schemes

Data on personal pensions

Non STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) information Contract Timber Procurement Policy

Letters issued to Non-STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) contractors to ensure compliance to Government procurement policy for timber. Updated: annually.

Net Tax Receipts

Tax receipts. Updated: monthly.

Mobile and Flexible Working survey

Survey of HMRC staff working patterns and attitudes to mobile/flexible working. Updated: one-off survey. Data coverage: 2013/14

Customs 2013 EU initiative data

Data on Customs 2013 initiative requested by EU. Updated: quarterly / annually.

Data Losses

The number of incidents and customers affected by losses of data. Updated: monthly.


The reporting rate for staff declaring their ethnicity, gender etc. Updated: monthly.

Corporation Tax

Administrative datasets on Corporation Tax

Contract Management data

Information relating to contracts managed by HMRC for the provision of property and services. Updated: monthly.

Computerisation Of PAYE (COP)

Annual 10% (5% for 2000/01) snapshot extract of individuals on the PAYE system. The data includes pay and tax deducted as reported on Form P14, Form P60 (end of year returns) or Form P45, industry...

Capital Gains Tax

Administrative datasets to collect Capital Gains Tax, derived from the Self Assessment main returns.

Gift Aid Economic Research Data

Survey data used in 'Gift Aid Donor Research'. Updated: one off. Data coverage: 2009/10