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The National Archives - documents delivered online

The number of documents delivered online by The National Archives since April 2010

Legislation API

API for - launched by The National Archives on 29/07/2010 - giving access to the statute book at various levels, for various times, as reusable html fragments, xml and rdf....

National Archives Customer Feedback and Complaints: 2012-13

Details of Customer Feedback and Complaints - The National Archives Public Services

Staff survey results from the Charity Commission for England and Wales

PDF staff survey results from the Charity Commission for England and Wales, carried out by Civil Service People Surveys

Workforce Management Information - Food Standards Agency

Monthly management information on staff numbers and paybill costs in the Food Standards Agency. For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll (contingent labour, including consultants)...

National Archives - customer satisfaction

Details of customer satisfaction recorded for National Archives

The National Archives - responses to FOI requests

Quarterly breakdown of FOI responses answered within the statutory timeframe in 2010-11 and 2011-12

HMRC International tax benchmarking

Part of HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC's) research activities involve comparing the way HMRC work to counterparts in other countries. This work allows HMRC to identify leading practice elsewhere,...

National Archives: Record transfer report

The file shows the data provided by those 21 bodies that transfer 90% of the records sent to The National Archives each year, in A-Z order. The data from the remaining 63 bodies that are included...

Data Losses

The number of incidents and customers affected by losses of data. Updated: monthly.

Historical contracts / service orders

Contracts and service orders issued under call off agreements from Buying Solutions Frameworks.

Performance Appraisal Marks

Annual employee performance ratings

Tax Credits

Administrative datasets on Tax Credits

Invoices Prompt Payments

The proportion of invoices paid to agreed timescales. Updated: monthly.

Corporation Tax

Administrative datasets on Corporation Tax

Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Income tax

Administrative datasets on income tax

Computerisation Of PAYE - (COP)

Annual 10% (5% for 2000/01) snapshot extract of individuals on the PAYE system. The data includes pay and tax deducted as reported on Form P14, Form P60 (end of year returns) or Form P45, industry...

Solicitors Contract meetings

Meeting Minutes from monthly CM meetings with Sols. Updated: monthly.


The reporting rate for staff declaring their ethnicity, gender etc. Updated: monthly.