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National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

Administrative datasets on National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

High Net Worth Unit (HNWU) Population Refinement Data

A variety of datasets for analysis of High Wealth individuals to assist HMRC's High Net Worth Unit in maintaining and refining its population. Matches 10 years of Inheritance Tax Data to the...

Employment Status Indicator

The Employment Status Indicator (ESI) tool enables enagers to check the employment status of an individual or group of workers - that is, whether they are employed or self-employed for tax,...

Interest paid net or gross of tax on individual's bank and building society accounts database (S17)

The dataset holds interest paid net or gross of tax on individual's bank and building society accounts. Updated: annually.

Healthcheck, Enabling, Aftercare and Leverage (HEAL)

HEAL is a system designed to support the working and reporting of tax credit and Child Benefit Healthcheck, Enabling, Aftercare & Leverage (HEAL) and Partnership Approaches type cases. Updated:...

National Insurance Recording System (NIRS2 - now part of NPS) - 1% sample

Extract from HMRC National Insurance Recording System (NIRS). 1% sample of P14 data plus 100% employer / P35 data. Produced in conjunction with DWP. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2004-05 -...

Child Benefit data take up

Child Benefit administrative data in conjunction with Family Resources Survey and Labour Force Survey data. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11

Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) data

Historical amounts of VAT repayments and traders with an MTIC interest set on HMRC systems. Updated: monthly. Data coverage: 2002/03

Personal Details

Records of name, Emergency contacts, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, home address, phone number, marital status, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability

Self Assessment 700 Non Resident Company Landlords

Non-resident company landlords income tax liability collected through the self assessment system. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 1999/00, 2000/01, 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06,...

Destination Of Assets On Death (DAD)

Small sample of estates data breaking down estate value by type of beneficiary (e.g. spouse, child, grandchild, charity). Updated: ad hoc. Data coverage: 2000/01

Cross savings & pensions longitudinal data

Longitudinal data on cross savings & pensions, used for analysis and publication of savings statistics. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008-09,...

Crown Prosecution Service Conditional Cautioning Data Quarter 2 2012-2013

Data relating to the quarterly publication of statistics on Conditional Cautions administered by the Crown Prosecution Service, Quarter 2, 2012-2013

Local Authority Food Law Enforcement returns

The release summarises local authority activity in relation to food law enforcement at food establishments. It includes summary statistics on the numbers of inspections conducted as well the...

1862 Act Registers

The 1862 Act Register contains records of land and property in England and Wales, registered under the Land Registry Act 1862. It was the government’s first attempt to record property ownership...

Accessions to UK archives

The National Archives carries out an annual survey of newly acquired (accessioned) material across the UK's archival repositories. The data contains details of all the collections reported to us,...

HMRC Equality Act: Workforce Information

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is required under Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 (the Public Sector Equality Duty) and the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011 to publish...

Handwashing consumer tracker

This dataset includes all the data collected by the Handwashing consumer tracker survey, collected quarterly via Ipsos MORI’s i:omnibus. The survey is based on adults (aged 16-75) living in...

Fuel Poverty in England: sub-regional

Fuel Poverty sub-regional statistics (England only) Official Statistics

Fuel Poverty in England

Statistics and analysis of Fuel Poverty in England. National Statistics