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Allotment Sites

Salford City Council managed allotment sites.

Development Sites

Dataset shows Areas with the London Borough of Lewisham with sites earmarked for major development

ELR Sites

This dataset shows the locations of commercial sites considered as part of the Council's Employment Land Review. The Employment Land Review (ELR) is part of the evidence base that will underpin...

Allotment sites

Allotment site boundaries.

Site allocations

The Site Allocations layer contains the boundaries for the sites allocated for development in the adopted Bristol Local Plan. This layer comprises sites allocated by the following policies: ...

Mineral sites

This data gives indicative boundaries of the current and former sites with planning permission for minerals development in Worcestershire known to the County Council. It is intended to assist in...

Development Sites

This dataset shows the Development Sites from the Districts Local Plan 2016-2036 Part One and its related Policy Number

Site Allocations

Areas of land safeguarded for future development.

Brownfield Sites

Polygon dataset showing the location of Brownfield Sites in West Oxfordshire District.

Site Allocations

This dataset consists of the boundaries of all site allocations within the London Borough of Sutton which have been formally designated in the adopted Site Development Policies Development Plan...

Brownfield Sites

Polygon dataset showing the location of brownfield sites in the Cotswold District.

Brownfield Sites

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 and the Town and Country Planning (Permission in Principle) Order 2017 require all local planning authorities in England to...

Wildflower Sites

Sites where wildflowers have been sown as part of the Grow Wild Project - Calderdale Corridors of Colour, co-ordinated by Safer & Stronger Communities. Please contact Mark Dempsey at...

Bring sites

A dataset providing the locations of all bring sites in Leeds.  This dataset also shows the amount of glass collected at each site each month from April 2016. Bring sites are smaller recycling...

Child Benefit data take up

Child Benefit administrative data in conjunction with Family Resources Survey and Labour Force Survey data. Updated: annually. Data coverage: 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11

Innovation in mapping ecosystem services and understanding the ecosystems approach to the protected site

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. Main report mostly narrative. 3 technical reports contain data. This project is collaboration with Biodiversity and Ecosystem...

Traveller caravan count

Count of Gypsy and Traveller Caravans recording the number of caravans on both authorised and unauthorised sites by tenure Source: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Publisher: Communities...

Forestry Commission Woodland Officer Boundaries England

Boundaries describing the areas of reponsibility for Woodland Officers working for Forestry Commission England and the Forestry Commission administrative areas in which they work. Attributes:...

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape. It includes features representing the manmade and natural environment, including: roads, tracks...

LPS OSNI Administrative Units (INSPIRE Feature Download Service)

Units of administration, dividing areas where Member States have and/or exercise jurisdictional rights, for local, regional and national governance, separated by administrative boundaries. Users...