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Mini-catchment weir records from an impact study of drain cleaning on water flows (Coalburn, Scotland)

Coalburn in the north of England is Britain's longest running forest hydrology research catchment, providing a unique record of the long-term effects of conifer afforestation on upland water...

Youth Cohort Study & Longitudinal Study of Young People in England

Statistics based on survey responses to YCS and LSYPE and brings together data about the family environment, attitudes to school, risky behaviours, engagement, attainment and post-16 participation....

NI 196 - Improved street and environmental cleanliness - fly tipping

The definition of fly-tipping used is designed to ensure that the whole spectrum of illegally dumped waste is taken into account. Source: Flycapture Database Publisher: DCLG Floor Targets...

NI 196 - Improved street and environmental cleanliness - fly tipping

The definition of fly-tipping used is designed to ensure that the whole spectrum of illegally dumped waste is taken into account.

Learning difficulties: Adults with learning difficulties helped to live at home

Adults aged 18-64 with learning disabilities helped to live at home . Source: CSCI Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) Publisher: Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) Geographies:...

Immigration Statistics: study

This release replaces the previous annual and quarterly publications Control of Immigration Statistics and the annual British Citizenship, following a public consultation. Each topic now has its...

Youth Cohort Study

The Youth Cohort Study was a major programme of longitudinal research designed to monitor the behaviour and decisions of representative samples of young people aged sixteen upwards as they make the...

Family and Children Study

The Families and Children Study is a longitudinal study collecting information about families with dependent children in Great Britain. The data includes respondent and children files, for each year.

Adult Learning Option Pilot

The Adult Learning Option Pilot enabled those on benefits to take up full-time study for their first Level 2 qualification, without loss of benefits. The data includes a record of the...

Work Based Learning for Adults

The Work Based Learning for Adults scheme was a voluntary training programme aimed principally at those over 25 years who had been on Jobseekers Allowance for over six months. The data includes...

Learning and development portal

British Council - Records of completion of internal training courses

FLY-TIPPING - Number of issues reported

FLY-TIPPING - Number of issues reported

SFO non-consolidated performance related pay

These non-consolidated performance related pay figures are being published as part of the government's commitment to transparency. These figures are not official statistics but internal information...

Performance Related Pay for HM Land Registry

Publication of information on Non-consolidated Performance Related Pay data for HM Land Registry.

Soil moisture data for four sites from a study of the impact of woodland on water resources (TADPOLE project, Clipstone)

In 1996 concerns were raised, in the Environment Select Committee’s first report on water conservation and supply, that the government’s ambition to double woodland cover in England could...

Enrolments at UK Higher Education Institutions: Northern Ireland Analysis

This statistical bulletin details the number of students enrolled at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in NI and NI domiciled students enrolled at HEIs in the United Kingdom (UK) in the academic...

Sitka spruce Population Study. A study in the natural variation of economic traits within an unselected population of Sitka spruce

The operational Sitka spruce selection and breeding programme commenced in 1963 with the selection in British forests of superior individuals for height, diameter, stem straightness and branching...

Public Relations and Affilliations Manag

Public relations data - HMS BULWARK A record of affiliations and public relations data.

Students gaining Higher Education Qualifications (Northern Ireland)

This statistical bulletin provides details of Higher Education (HE) qualifications gained by Northern Ireland (NI) domiciled students at UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and details of HE...

Salaries and Related Records

Employee pay history records, salary rate registers, salary ledger cards/records