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Stroke: Emergency hospital admissions

The number of finished and unfinished continuous inpatient spells (CIPS) for patients of all ages with an emergency method of admission and with any of the following primary diagnoses 1)...

Organisation chart | Architects Registration Board, UK

ARB's organisation chart

Board members’ expenses

These datasets provide summary data for each financial year concerning spend relating to attendance at HEFCE Board meetings.

HM Revenue & Customs Board Members' Business Expenses

Information on business expenses incurred by HMRC's Board members. HMRC publishes information about business expenses incurred by HMRC Board Members, on a quarterly basis.

HM Revenue & Customs Board Members' Hospitality Received

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) information about hospitality received by HMRC senior managers. HMRC releases information about hospitality received by board members quarterly. The...

Directors and Board Members' expenses - Food Standards Agency

Details of the business expenses of the FSA's Directors, its Chair and Board members. The Government is committed to setting new standards for transparency so that the public can more easily see...

Emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission (NHSOF 3a)

The indicator measures the number of emergency admissions to hospital in England for acute conditions such as ear/nose/throat infections, kidney/urinary tract infections and angina, among others,...

Emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission (CCGOIS 3.1)

Directly age and sex standardised admission rate for emergency admissions for acute conditions that should not usually require hospital admission per 100,000 registered patients, 95% confidence...

Expenditure over £500 | Architects Registration Board, UK

Expenditure over £500

BIS Non-Executive Board Members

BIS Non-Executive Board Members

Home Office Board members' hospitality

Hospitality received by members of the Home Office Board.

Youth Justice Board caseload statistics

The Youth Justice Annual Workload Data covers the workload of Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) in England and Wales and contains information on: proven offences which have resulted in a disposal;...

Disruptive behaviour on board UK aircraft

The survey, on which these results would have been based, has been suspended for operational reasons and this publication has been cancelled as a result. Source agency: Transport Designation:...

Independent Monitoring Board Appointments Files

HR type information relating to appointment of IMB Members, eg Application forms, interview panel forms, security forms, Ministerial Submissions

Crown Prosecution Service Board Members Quarterly Business Expenses

Details of business expenses of the members of the Board of the Crown Prosecution Service. Updated quarterly.

Food Standards Agency Board and Directors registered gifts and hospitality

A quarterly-update of the gifts and hospitality received and registered by Food Standards Agency Board members and Directors.

School admission appeals

Appeals data for primary and secondary schools by academic year. **Please note** ·  There are a number of schools that hear appeals that are not recorded on Leeds City Council's admissions...

Welsh Local Health Boards

Local Health Boards in Wales Contains: Wlhb.csv contains parent Local Health Boards in Wales only. All three WLHB files follow the same format and conventions. This data is for current...

Minutes of Board of Trustees meetings

British Council - Redacted minutes of Board of Trustees meetings

Executive Board Members' expenses

British Council - Executive Board Members' expenses