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Air Quality

Air Quality monitoring stations taken from Stroud District Council.

Air Safety Information Management System (ASIMS)

ASIMS is tri-service occurrence reporting system used to record and manage Air Safety occurrences and Hazard Observations across the Military Air Environment

Water Body Measures Aire and Calder

Water body measures are the actions which will be taken on the ground to help achieve water body objectives. They are brought about by a range of legal, policy or financial mechanisms and involve...

Water Body RNAGS Aire and Calder

Water body reasons for not achieving good status (RNAGS) identify the pressures that are impacting the status classification of water bodies. Reasons for deterioration (RFDs) identify the...

Realtime Flood Data Air Temperature

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA422 Realtime Flood Data Air Temperature. This dataset covers monitoring data that is only updated on our systems on a daily update cycle. This is...

UK Air Quality Measurements Bulk Data Download

This is a bulk data download resource for air pollution measurements hosted by Defra's UK-AIR web pages - see also Monitoring networks and pollutants included are...

Air Quality Monitoring

Dataset shows Air Quality Monitoring points within the London Borough of Lewisham

Air Traffic Consultation

Aerodrome safeguarding map relating solely to technical apparatus within an airport. CAA rules dictate that technical sites should undergo a separate consultation exercise from that of aerodrome...

Liverpool Air Quality

Yearly average air quality from various Liverpool monitoring locations.

Air Quality Points

Point data showing general locations of Air Quality Nitrogen Dioxide monitoring tubes and average monthly totals

Air Quality Monitoring

Most recent Monitoring points for Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Cheltenham Town centre AQMA (Air Quality Management Area). An air quality management area (AQMA) is effectively an air quality...

Air Quality Monitors

Air Quality Monitor Locations

Air Quality Zones

Boundary for Air Quality Management Area for Nitrogen Dioxide in Chideock and Dorchester

Air Quality Zones

Boundary for Air Quality Management Area for Nitrogen Dioxide in Chideock and Dorchester

Air Monitoring Stations

Location of air monitoring stations in Sefton

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring sites.

Air quality monitoring

Location of quality monitoring stations

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality monitoring point data for LAQM reporting

Air Quality Units

Identified areas where air quality objectives for a particular pollutant are unlikely to be met. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector...

Air Quality Monitors

Provides information in respect of location of monitoring stations by means of passive devices (diffusion tubes).