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Northern Ireland Drink Driving Reconviction Analysis of those Referred onto a Course for Drink Driving Offenders (2001-2009)

A report on the Northern Ireland drink driving reconviction analysis of those referred onto a course for drink driving offenders (2001-2009). Source agency: Environment (Northern...

Better Training for Safer Food

Total amount of Enforcement Officials that attended training courses.

Outcomes of quality assurance of HMI inspector and AI inspector inspection reports - all inspection remits.

This data relates to quality assurance outcomes of HMI/AI inspection reports collected during the course of core inspection activity.

Cambridgeshire Adult Learning Fund (CALF) 2010 - 2014 Breakdown of Course Categories

The total number of registered learners enrolled with Cambridgeshire Adult Learning Fund, broken down by course category between the academic years of 2010/2011 to 2014/2015.

Economic and social benefits of further education and skills: learning for those not in employment

Further eduction learners not in employment, their reasons for doing the course, their satisfaction with the course and what impact it had on economic and social outcomes.

Ofsted inspector inspection activity and performance data.

This dataset provides data related to Ofsted inspectors' inspection activity and inspection performance outcomes (e.g. quality assurance work/complaints). It is collected during the course of our...

National Forest Estate Drains England 2016

This dataset shows captured drains within the national forest estate. These will be artificially created water courses which may or may not run all year. Attribution statement: Contains OS data ©...

Wimbledon Park Golf Course Consultation Documents 9 May to 8 June 2024

No description provided

Historic General Quality Assessment (GQA) Headline Indicators of Water Courses

The General Quality Assessment (GQA) Headline Indicator scheme or GQAHI (previously known as GQA) was the national indicator for water quality in rivers and canals. It was designed to...

PSNI fixed penalties and speed courses for motoring offences 2017 - 2022

The PSNI produces statistics on motoring offences that are detected by the police. Motoring offences can be dealt with by issuing a fixed penalty notice (FPN), attendance at a speed awareness...

Driver Offender Retraining Scheme

System to support the use of driver retraining courses as an alternative to a penalty notice or prosecution.

KIS / Unistats data

The dataset contains information which prospective students have identified as useful, such as student satisfaction, graduate outcomes, learning and teaching activities, assessment methods, tuition...

Operational Deployability Record

Database showing qualifications and courses held by personnel deploying to Operational Theatres and MATT test results.

NI 038 - Drug related (Class A) offending rate

Average offending rate by those identified as Class A drug misusers in the course of their contact with the criminal justice system.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch, Incident Database System (MIDS)

Information collected about marine accidents, and Marine Accident Investigation Branch's (MAIB) analysis in the course of its investigations.

NI 013 - Migrants English language skills and knowledge

Migrants can be considered as having made positive steps towards resettlement or integration when they are empowered to gain employment, contribute to the local and national economy and to make...

Marine Accident Investigation Branch Forensically copied evidence

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) - Any sort of electronic data gathered in the course of an investigation including: hard drives, e-mail streams, electronic chart/GPS downloads

BRNC - ILO record of Internationals unde

Britannia Royal Naval College - Recording information of international students at BRNC undergoing pre RN Young Officer, RN Young Officer, dip HE course and english language training.

Learning and development portal

British Council - Records of completion of internal training courses

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer offers one of the world’s most detailed, heighted water networks – showing the flow and precise course of every river, stream, lake and canal in Great...