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Document Management Team Corporate Property Report

This report produced for the Document Management Team contains details of Environment Agency corporate property - including address, postcode, grid reference, current use and status. March 2016...

Camden Conservation Area Documents

This dataset contains links to Camden Conservation area documents.

Electronic scanning and document storage

The London Borough of Barnet has entered into a contract for Electronic scanning and document storage with Stor-A-File. The contract is for the provision of electronic scanning and document storage...

Listing of publishable central government tender documentation for tenders over £10,000

The Contracts Finder site contains the listing of publishable central government tender and contract information and documentation. This applies for all procurement over £10,000. The published...

Project and Programme Documentation

FCO(S) - Various Project and Programme Documentation, Management Information and Customer Information

Business Continuity Documents

FCO(S) - BCP Plans, Contact Details, Strategy Documents etc

Facilities information and documentation

Facilities information and documentation per each office

UKCS Licence Documents

This app enables users to search for offshore, onshore, gas storage and CCS Licence documents, view the spatial extent of Licensed Areas, see important information about the Licence, and download...

Risk Management Approved Document Sets (RMADS) and associated technical documents

Technical system Information and diagrams, RMADS , IT Health Check Test Results.

Interim 2015-based projections documentation

Results Results documents outling the outputs from the Trend and Housing-led models are available below. A set of ward projections profiles are available to download here .   Methodology The...

Planning Policy Documents Updated 2016

The Council has recently updated 3 Planning Policy Documents in May 2016. __Annual Monitoring Report 2014/15__ This is the 11th Annual Monitoring Report produced by the Council and contains...

Domestic violence support documents and guidance

A dataset providing a set of information to help practitioners dealing with cases of domestic violence and abuse, including honour based violence and forced marriage. Included are leaflets for...

Citroen Site - public consultation documents

Public consultation documents in relation to the Citroen Site representation hearing. More information can be found on the following link:...

VIP Trading Estate appeal documents

More details about the VIP Trading Estate can be found at...

Citroen Site Public Inquiry documents

No description provided

Manor Road public consultation documents

No description provided

5 Kingdom Street application documents

Documents related to the planning application at 5 Kingdom Street, Mayoral reference 4925. More information can be found at...

Thameside West Public Consultation documents

No description provided

Paddington Green Representation Hearing Documents

These documents relate to the Representation Hearing for the planning application at [Paddington Green Police...

Pope's Road Stage 3 documents

This page contains the documents for the Pope's Road public hearing. More details can be found on the [Pope's Road public hearing web...