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Liable and Non-liable UK Property Transactions

Quarterly estimates of the number of UK property transactions by liability to stamp duty valued at £40,000 and above. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Property...

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Property Transactions

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

Stamp duty land tax: Property prices

Estimated numbers of transactions, value of transactions and total yield attributable to residential and non residential land and property Source: HM Customs and Revenue Publisher: HM Customs and...

UK companies that own property in England and Wales

HM Land Registry’s UK Companies data contains entries made in the Title Register for property in England and Wales owned by Companies incorporated in the UK. The data includes the following...

Overseas Companies that own property in England and Wales

HM Land Registry’s Overseas Companies data contains entries made in the Title Register for property owned in England and Wales by non-UK companies (companies incorporated outside of the UK). The...

Fixed penalty notices issued for motoring offences, by result and police force area, 2006

Statistics on numbers of fixed penalty notices for motoring offences issued by different police force areas in 2006


GIS polygon dataset identifying the freehold land and properties owned by Brentwood Borough Council. The information includes the property address, Land Registry title number, Brentwood Borough...

Property Damage Incidents

PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has now been retired. Data for incidents that have resulted in damage to Environment Agency property. Attribution Statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database...

Accommodation and Property Records

Records related to the administration of the property and accommodation on the Culham site.

Estimates of properties not connected to the gas network

Estimates of the number of domestic properties not connected to the gas grid, at region, local authority, Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) and Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) levels in England,...

Property asset contract management data

Range of data including performance reports, key performance indicators, finance data and property information, used for monitoring and managing property assets

HS2 Property Consultation 2014

High Speed 2 Property Consultation 2014 GIS Data

Capgemini Corporate Property Report

This report produced for Capgemini contains details of Environment Agency corporate property listing the CIS rating - includes address, postcode, grid reference, current use and status. Attribution...

Hereditament Properties

Hereditament Properties

Council Properties

Properties and land, other than council housing, owned by Southampton City Council.

Property Information

show LB Havering proterty assets

DCC Property

Land and buildings regarded as assets to DCC

Property Assets

This dataset shows BCBC Property Assets, it has been collected and is maintained to inform the corporate Asset Management Plan. The dataset consists of three levels of information: Asset Sites,...

Council Property

This records the location and type of Royal Borough's property assets

Property Disposals

This dataset provides a list of Leeds City Council land and property (not including council housing) which has been sold by the Council since 1 August 2013.