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Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Telecoms Provider

Data on faults registered, service requests and service improvement activities.

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Financial Databases

All financial transactions processed and held in Open Accounts and Ebis. List of holders of leased cars. List of all allocated mobile phones. List of assets owned by Cafcass. List of users of...

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Mobile Usage

Data pertaining to use of mobile phone and broadband devices by employees and internet usage by employees.

Concealed families

The Census 2011 identifies concealed families in each district of the country. Here, we present the data and a breakdown of families into various groups; unconcealed, concealed lone parent families...

Family Centres

Spatial dataset of family centres (formerley children's centres) within Durham for children aged under five and their families. Please see One Point family centres and hubs - Durham County Council...

Key data on family return process

Information on the family cases that have been put through the new family returns process.

Family Resources Survey Main Dataset

The Family Resources Survey collects information on the incomes and circumstances of private households in the United Kingdom. This survey is used for analysing the distribution of incomes,...

ESF Provision for Families with Multiple Problems

The first release of statistics on the DWP European Social Fund Provision for Families with Multiple Problems. Comprises attachments, progress measures and sustained job outcomes. Source agency:...

Social Justice Family Stability Indicator

The percentage of children not living with both of their birth parents, by age of child and household income. The estimated percentage of children living with both birth parents where the...

Evaluation of the new family returns process

The report evaluates the conformity to process, welfare and safeguarding, preparation and barriers to return of families.

Troubled Families: Number of families “turned around” for Employment

Troubled Families: Number of families “turned around” for Employment *This indicator is discontinued

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Freedom Of Information's and SAR

Data sets reflecting the number of requests for FOI and SAR, with details and dates

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Legal Help Line

Data on numbers of telephone calls and nature of query on the telephone duty line

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Information Technology Particular Needs

Data pertaining to specialist IT equipment supplied to Cafcass employees that constitutes a reasonable adjustment

Army Families Continuous Attitude Survey FAMCAS

FAMCAS is an annual surevy conducted to collect the views and attitudes of families to aspects of life that are in part, or completely, determined by attachment to the Armed Forces.

tri-service families continuous attitude survey

The Ministry of Defence uses the tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS) to assess the views of Service families. The report captures Service Personnel spouses and civil partners'...

Family Resources Survey Reports (Northern Ireland)

Information collected from the Family Resources Survey. Source agency: Social Development (Northern Ireland) Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Family...

DCLG Data4NR: CDRP Family: Statistical group

Grouping similar policing and crime reduction areas for comparative purposes. Data4NR reference.

Anti-social Behaviour Family Intervention Projects

Outcomes, service effectiveness and capacity of family intervention projects to support vulnerable and chaotic families from April 09 to March 11. Future editions of this publication can be found...

FamilyMan (Family Courts Case management system)

Case management system for family court cases. Details include name: sex and address of applicant; children's date of birth if applicable, names of respondants, details of solicitors if...