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Overseas Pensions Systems (PIPS and Complaints Log)

Electronic system for administering payments to former employees of the Colonial Service and their dependants.

FCO Prosperity Fund Overseas Development Assistance

The cross Government Prosperity Fund promotes the economic reform and development need in underdeveloped countries. These dataset are cummulative files and provide the spend data since 2016.

Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) International Subscriptions

This file gives details of FCO Core Contributions to International Organisations.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office list of Posts Overseas

This is a list of the locations where HMG has a diplomatic presence. It will list the country and city of each post and will detail the nature of the delegation (embassy/consulate/High Commission).

Cabinet Office Ministerial Overseas Travel data

This is a collection and collation page for an element of Cabinet Office Ministerial Transparency publications [published here:...

Internet Access Quarterly Update

This publication has been discontinued as a result of the ONS Consultation on Statistical Products, 2013. The last edition of the Internet Access Quarterly Update was published on 14 May 2014, for...

The 2014 Internet User Classification (IUC), LSOA

This bespoke geodemographic classification maps the geography of digital consumers within England by combining over seventy measures selected from survey and lifestyle data, alongside census and...

Publication of ministers' meetings, hospitality, gifts and overseas travel

The Government has committed to publish gifts given by ministers valued at over £140, gifts received by ministers valued at over £140, overseas travel by ministers, hospitatlity received by...

Overseas Development Assistance (ODA): BBC World Service

The UK government’s grant will support The BBC World Service to provide accurate, impartial and independent news and analysis to developing, fragile and closed societies across the globe, including...

Overseas travel undertaken by ministers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

A quarterly-updated list of all overseas travel undertaken by ministers

Overseas Offices Contracts

Contracts for Type Approval and Management Systems Certification work carried out by VCA in India & China

Overseas Travel and Tourism

Monthly results on the number of overseas visitors to the UK, UK residents visits abroad, earnings from overseas visits, expenditure of UK residents going abroad. Source agency: Office for...

Overseas Geophysical Surveys

BGS has carried out geophysical surveys in many countries for different agencies. The surveys range from regional gravity and airborne magnetic mapping to targetted surveys for mineral and water....

Overseas students in the immigration system types of institution and levels of study system

The research provides estimates of the proportion of non-EEA students required to apply for visas under Tier 4 of the Points Based System who are coming to study in the UK at different types of...

FCO Overseas Development Assistance: Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)

The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) supports work to reduce that risk in these countries where the UK has key interests. Through the CSSF, the UK and our international partners are...

National Insurance Number (NINo) allocations to overseas nationals entering the UK

The data cover overseas nationals allocated a National Insurance Number (NINo) on the National Insurance Recording System (NIRS). The figures cover overseas nationals allocated a NINo for whatever...

Changes affecting employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic workers

Information on changes to immigration rules for Tier 2 workers' settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic workers. And the introduction of a new visitor route for permitted paid engagements. 

Overseas Offices Type Approval

Type approval information. Manufacturers' vehicle, system & component information documents, type approval test reports and approvals

Overseas Offices Staff Records

Personal data of staff and contractors working in China & India

Criminal Injuries Claims Overseas

Details of overseas criminal injuries claims