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Planning Applications, England

Information on planning applications and decisions provided at national, regional and local authority level. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National...

Child Protection Plan

Rreferrals, assessment and children and young people who are the subjects of child protection plans (on the child protection register) from year ending March 2009

Housing and Planning Statistics

Compendium of housing and planning statistics covering most aspects of housing and planning in England Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Planning casework database

Data related to the processing of planning applications and appeals that have been called-in and recovered for decision by the Secretary of State. The data is extracted from Planning Inspectorate...

Bursaries programme [Planning]

Data submitted in application for the bursaries programme, which has now ended

Annual Planned Activity on Delivery Feed Law Controls

Exercise to establish estimated numbers of animal feed official controls inspections to be delivered in England by Local Authorities.

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Personal Equity Plans

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

HMRC Business Plan Indicator and Quarterly Data Summary

Business plan indicators are initial management information to provide an indication of HMRC's performance, and are therefore subject to revision and audit. Final performance figures will be made...

National Forest Estate Forest Plans England 2016

This dataset shows some details of the Forest Plans, in particular their names and approval status. Details on the content of the plans will be published separately with further guidance material...

Impact indicator: neighbourhood plans

Number of areas designated by the relevant local authority for Neighbourhood Plans #### How the figure is calculated: The figure is a count of communities that have applied and been designated...

Neighbourhood Planning areas in England

This data is based on research by DCLG of known designated neighbourhood planning areas across England. It covers: • The name of the neighbourhood planning area • The local authority • The...

Nuclear Emergency Planning Zones

Detailed Emergency Planning Zones for licensed sites in the UK

Country plans for WW1 commemorations

Details of planned commemorations both by the UK and other countries

Housing and Planning Key Facts

Main planning and housing data. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Housing and Planning Key Facts

Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

These tables show areas allocated grant and direct support since 1st May 2013

Other annual planning decisions

Planning authorities' planning applications and decisions, type of authority, speed of decision, type and size of development, enforcement action, regulation 3 and 4 consents, applications for...

Home Office business plan

Sets out the information that will enable the public to assess the value for money and productivity of the services for which we are responsible, holding us more effectively to account. This...

Planning - Development Control Statistics

Planning - Development Control Statistics - Live tables on Development Control Please note: The annual development control statistics have been discontinued.

Quarterly minor planning decisions

District planning authorities - Planning decisions, by development type, speed of decision and authority.

Quarterly major planning decisions

District planning authorities - Planning decisions, by development type, speed of decision and authority.