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DFID government e-payments framework transactions

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Report a food problem service - Completion rate and cost per transaction

A breakdown showing completion rates and cost per transactions for the Report a food problem service.

Government Procurement Card Transactions over £500 in Treasury Solicitors Department

A monthly-updated list of Government Procurement Card Transactions over £500 made by Treasury Solicitors Department, as part of the Government's commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Procurement Card Transactions

All procurement card transactions made by Calderdale Council. Amount paid shown net of VAT. This information is published as part of the [Local Government Transparency...

Purchase Order Transactions

A Purchase Order is a document sent by the Council to a supplier indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Acceptance of a purchase order forms a contract between...

Procurement Card Transactions

Rochdale Borough Council DOES NOT use Government Procurement Cards.

Procurement Card Transactions

This contains details of transactions that Leicester City Council makes using a Government Procurement Card.This data will be published quarterly.

Procurement card transactions

Procurement card transactions at Scarborough Borough Council.

Purchase Card Transactions

The reports in this section list all transaction on our Government Procurement Cards.

Procurement card transactions

Wakefield Council transactions using procurement cards. Details include date of the transaction local authority department which incurred the expenditure beneficiary amount Value Added...

Department for Transport government procurement card (GPC) transactions

Government procurement card (GPC) transactions above £500 for the Department for Transport and transport agencies. Information on GOV.UK about Department for Transport government procurement...

Bank transactions

Wilton Park - Bank transactions

Defra Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

Defra has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for Departmental GPC’s. The data published includes transactions that have a single transaction value of £500 or above. From May...

BIS Government Procurement Card spend - transactions over £500

Spreadsheets in this information set reflect all monthly single transactions with a value of £500 or above. GPC or government procurement card expenditure is published in arrears. Before April...

DCMS Government Procurement Card spend: transactions over £500

DCMS has published all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for all staff that hold GPC’s. The data published inculdes transactions that have a single transaction value of £500 or above. This...

Qualification and Curriculum Development Agency transactional data Legacy system

Data held from the closed Arms Length Body the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Council

Transaction level alcohol movements (Early Warning System (EWS) - over the border movement prenotifications)

Transaction level alcohol movements.

Council procurement card transactions

Local Government procurement card transactions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Transactions

Data showing Electric Vehicle Charging Point Transactions: charging point location, time, total Wh and connect time. Data measured in Watt Hours (Wh).

Corporate Credit Card Transactions

All corporate credit card transactions for the London Borough of Barnet.