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Metrolink Stop Facilities

Details of the facilities at Metrolink stops including accessibility information, car and cycle parking

Bus stops and schedules

Bus and Metrolink stop and time data for all services within the Greater Manchester boundary. Known technically as "ATCO-CIF".

Mobile Library stops

Mobile library stops in Barnet. It contains the location and timing for mobile library stops. For more information, please see our website.

Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England

This quarterly report presents provisional results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services in England. It includes information on the number of people setting a quit date and the...

Proposed NET Stop (Indicative)

Net stop proposed within the City Centre close to Broadmarsh and the new college site.

London River Bus Stops

shows the location of public transport services in lambeth

GM Bus Stopping Points

Location data for bus stopping points in Greater Manchester. Last Updated: 10 March 2020 Please acknowledge the source of this information using the following attribution statement:...

Metrolink Stops and Rail Stations

Location data for Metrolink and Rail stations in Greater Manchester. Last Updated: 10 March 2020 Please acknowledge the source of this information using the following attribution...

Police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000: arrest & stops and searches

This report brings together statistical material relating to the Terrorism Act 2000, including arrests and their outcome,as well as breakdowns of stop and seaches made and port examinations carried...

Waiting, loading and stopping restrictions in Southwark

Line data showing locations of waiting, loading and stopping restrictions on the highway maintained at public expense by the London Borough of Southwark. They are also known as yellow line...

Bus Stops in Perth & Kinross

Bus stop locations in Perth and Kinross. The bus stop data is collected by Perth and Kinross Council and shared with the Department of Transport as part of the national public transport access nodes

Translink Bus Stop List

This data contains a list of all Metro and Ulsterbus Bus Stops across Northern Ireland. It includes all real and virtual bus stops.

Adult Social Care - Short and Long Term Support

Short and Long Term Support (SALT) annual statutory return to the Department of Health. Including referrals in and types of service for both long and short term support services.

Number of children in care, excluding Short Breaks - (Snapshot)

Number of children in care, excluding Short Breaks - (Snapshot)

Short Term Migration Estimates for England and Wales

Estimates of short-term migration, based on information gathered by the International Passenger Survey (IPS) when migrants return home. Estimates refer to flows to and from England & Wales as...

Regional Short Term Indicators Pilot (experimental)

Results of a pilot exercise to compile quarterly output indices for the nine English regions. This release aims to provide a further proof of concept and allow regional users a view of the effects...

Occupational Pension Schemes Survey short stories

OPSS provides a detailed view of the nature of occupational pension provision in the UK. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Distributing Short-term Migrants to Local Authorities

A research report which presents an improved method for estimating short-term immigration to local authorities (LAs) within England and Wales as well as experimental short-term migration inflow...

Children in care per 10k, excluding Short Breaks - (Snapshot)

Children in care per 10k, excluding Short Breaks - (Snapshot) This measure is the number of children and young people in care per 10,000 0-17 year olds in York. It counts the children and young...

Stop and search research findings 2013

Research findings for the 2013 stop and search review produced by YouGov on behalf of HMIC.