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Farm Diversification (now forms part of the Structure of the agricultural industry dataset)

This release shows the final estimates of farm diversification from the 2009/10 Farm Business Survey which covers the 2009 harvest. Diversification is the use of farm resources for a...

Flood Defence Structures

The National Flood Asset Database records flood infrastructure in Wales managed by Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW). It includes many embankments,...

NSI Soil Structure

Table for determining structure of subsoils from the nature of their ped faces and their particle size class.

Neighbourhood Representative Structures

Neighbourhood Representative Structures are supported and recognised by Dundee City Council in a similar way to Community Councils, and both have a right to consultation on matters relating to...

Flood Risk - register of structures and features

This dataset is a register of structures and features that are considered to have a significant effect on flooding in Leicester.

Bristol City Council organisation structure

The organisation chart shows the reporting lines of the council's senior officers.

Met Office Structure and Salaries

Met Office Structure, Senior and Junior Salaries

European Structural Fund Areas

European Structural Funds are a series of financial tools set up with the explicit purpose of reducing regional disparities across the EU in terms of income, wealth and opportunity. Scotland’s...

SDC Offshore Infrastructure Structures

SDC Offshore Infrastructure Structures

Subsea Decommissioning Collaboration (SDC) Offshore Infrastructure in the North Sea and United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS).The Subsea Decommissioning Collaboration (SDC) dataset is a point in...

Organisation Structure - Local Government Transparency Code

North Lincolnshire Council published organisation chart covering staff in the top three levels of the organisation. This dataset has been produced in line with the Local Government Transparency...

UK Ramsar Information Sheets – all details in structured spreadsheet format

Ramsar sites are wetlands of international importance designated under the Ramsar Convention. This spreadsheet contains all of the information within Ramsar Information Sheets for all designated...

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Listed Structures & Memorials

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground Listed Structures & Memorials that the City Corporation are ressponsible for maintaining.

Investigation and Enforcement Division Structure and Organisation

Organisation Charts showing team structures across Investigation and Enforcement Division (updated on a regular basis)

UKCS Structural and Tectonic Elements Database

This structural and tectonics database has been purchased from Getech by the NSTA for publication. It is based on mapping using gravity and magnetic datasets, remote sensing data, geology maps,...

GOV.UK structural network adjacency list

GOV.UK is a group of pages that comprises the best place to find government services and information. It can be represented as a network made of pages, represented as nodes, that are connected to...

Structure and composition of woodlands across Mozambique

This dataset contains quantitative measurements of woodland structure and composition sampled in twenty-seven different villages across three Districts in Mozambique, Africa. Data were collected...

Processed sidescan mosaics from Submarine structures in the mid-Irish Sea Area of Search

Processed sidescan mosaics from Submarine structures in the mid-Irish Sea Area of Search (CEND 11/08). This survey, carried out on the Cefas Endeavour research vessel, used acoustic data and...


These indicate the location of key structures related to the highway network. These may be: Barriers: Structures or equipment constructed to control, obstruct, or prevent passage or access Bridges...

Senior management structure chart from Cheltenham Borough Council

Information on senior management roles at Cheltenham Borough Council