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Court listings

Available at, some for free but not as data, for example Crown Court Daily lists

Stakeholder Lists

List of people and groups with an interest in the OGP and possibly attending the 2013 OGP annual summit. Contains Personal Information.


FLEET Ships and Submarines: Accident Crisis and Response Organisation duty personnel contact list .


Mine CounterMeasures2 (Portsmouth Squadron) Officers contact List for issue to visitors or Press as required.

Listings and Decisions

Details of upcoming VT hearings in England and Wales and details of decisions issued as a result of these hearings

Honours lists

Lists of those who have received honours at New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday in June each year since 2012. Information is updated after each List is published and includes the level of...

UK Radon Website

UK Radon Website. Provides access to radon data from joint venture with British Geological Survey & radon risk reports

List of BIS partners

List of BIS partners

List of BIS ministers

List of BIS ministers

Departmental telephone list

Departmental telephone list

List of Ministers' Interests

Under the terms of the Ministerial Code, ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or could reasonably be perceived to arise, between their ministerial position and their private interests,...

List of overseas properties

List of all overseas properties (offices, residential accommodation)

Biofuels - List of Stakeholders

Data consisting of the names, addresses, telephone numbers of stakeholders in industry, academia, other Government Departments and NDPBs.

ACNS Admirals List

Assistant Chief Naval Staff(Policy). Outer Office Excel Spreadsheet of retired Admirals names and addresses kept in order to send out updates on Naval matters. Limited access, to the Naval Staff.

DIU File List

Shows names of all deaths, operational and non-operational – held on excel spreadsheet.

Cambridgeshire County Council website usage

Website usage statistics for CCC corporate website

Cambridgeshire County Council website satisfaction

Cambridgeshire County Council website customer satisfaction between 2009 - 2012.

Cambridgeshire County Council Website Availability

Availability information from the Cambridgeshire County Council website;

Cambridgeshire County Council Website Usage

Usage information from the Cambridgeshire County Council website;

Staff list

GBCC - Staff name, addresses, NI number, DOB, next of kin