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Access to Learning Fund Monitoring

Data on students in receipt of payments from the access to learning fund

OS Open Greenspace

Find the location of public parks, playing fields, sports facilities, play areas, allotments and more with OS Open Greenspace. A valuable dataset to stimulate creative thinking and innovation to...

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)

New NaPTAN is here! NaPTAN is Great Britain's dataset of all public transport access points, ie anywhere you can get on or off public transport (including bus,...

Genito-Urinary Medicine Access Monthly Monitoring

Monitors 48 hour access target aimed at reducing sexually transmitted infections. This return will be suspended from 1 January 2012. Please see departmental website for...

Disability Services Customer System (Access to work)

Disability Services Customer System. Database of Access to Work applications. Access to Work is a Government programme to support disabled people in work whose health or disability affects the way...

Ashdown House Hastings Building Access Database

Information collected to monitor staff who require access to Ashdown House Hastings, these include location, division, telephone number, line manager. Personal details include name and car...

Army Board Casework Secretariat Access DB

Holds data on all past Service Complaints, Petitions and AGAI 67 cases that have been staffed to the Army Board.

Angling Guide Database 2011

Up to date Angling Guides are now produced by the Angling Trust: The Angling Guide database comprises approx 2000 records of private fisheries across England and Wales...

CRoW Act 2000 - Access Layer

Shows land mapped as access land under CRoW. This includes Open Country and Registered Common Land combined into a single layer, with certain categories of excepted land removed. Attribution...

Direct Access Audiology Waiting Times

Monthly collection of data covering those patients on a Direct Access audiology pathway. Source agency: NHS England Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

CRoW Local Access Forum Boundaries

Shows the boundaries of local access forums created under the CRoW (countryside rights of way) Act

Customer Access Points

Spatial dataset of Durham County Council Customer Access Points. Please see for more information.

Accessibility Areas Interest

areas on interest relating to access route.

Public Access Defibrillators

This dataset shows the locations of public access defibrillators around the Borough.

Open Access Land

Dataset showing the dedicated open access land, published in compliance with the INSPIRE directive.

Customer Access Points

List of customer access points, both face to face and electronic kiosks in Warwickshire includes location specified by latitude and longitude.

User guide to Home Office crime statistics

The User Guide to Home Office Crime Statistics is designed to be a useful reference guide with explanatory notes regarding the issues and classifications which are key to the production and...

Direct access audiology Referral to treatment (RTT) times

Referral to treatment (RTT) times for patients whose 18 week clock stopped during the month for reasons other than an inpatient/ day case admission. Source: Department of Health (DoH) Publisher:...

NI 046 - Young offenders access to suitable accommodation

This indicator measures the proportion of known young offenders who have access to suitable accommodation Young offenders are defined as all those aged 10-17 on youth justice disposals. Source:...

NI 126 - Early access for women to maternity services

The percentage of women who have seen a midwife or a maternity healthcare professional, for health and social care assessment of needs, risks and choices by 12 completed weeks of pregnancy.