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Parking Zones

Location of Parking Zones

Parking Zones

Parking Zones in the Borough of Wellingborough

Enterprise Zone

This Zone comprises of three sites which are our primary locations for automotive, low carbon vehicles, advanced manufacturing and advanced engineering sectors.

CIL Zones

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Zones maps for new development in Dacorum. These identify the locations and boundaries to which the residential and non-residantial CIL charges apply

Parking Zones

Boundary showing Parking Zone for central Northampton

Parking Zones

Leicester’s parking guidance and information system plays a vital role in reducing circulating traffic and congestion in the city centre and helps make finding a parking space easier. The city...

Alcohol Zone

geographical region displaying an area where drinking restrictions are in place.

Parking Zones

Controlled Parking Zones for the London Borough of Brent

Flood Zones

Flood zones within Rutland

Employment Zones

Employment Zones as designated in the Core Strategy

Rider zones

Bus zones boundaries for Rider tickets in the West of England.

Parking Zones

Parking Zones in York - also known as residents' priority parking scheme (Respark) *Please note that the data published within this dataset is a live API link to CYC's GIS server. Any changes...

DCLG Data4NR: Football related offences

Football related arrests and offences by type of offence for all football clubs in England (Premiership to Blue Square Premier) for the 2007/08 season. Data4NR reference.

2004 Survey of the Littoral zone, Wembury.

Survey name: 2004 Survey of the Littoral zone, Wembury. This is a collation of surveys to gather data and evidence from a variety of marine environments. The survey purposes vary and include...

SSSI Impact Risk Zones (England)

The Impact Risk Zones (IRZs) are a GIS tool developed by Natural England to make an initial assessment of the likely risk of impacts on SSSIs posed by developments. The IRZs tool comprises a series...

Drinking Water Safeguard Zones (Groundwater)

Drinking Water Groundwater Safeguard Zones (SgZs) are established around public water supplies where additional pollution control measures are needed. The Water Framework Directive requires that...

Biogeographic Zones Living England (2021)

This is a spatial dataset which defines the regions for the Living England Phase IV habitat classification. 14 regions were created in England to balance resource requirements and scalability. The...

Blue-Green Algae Lochs within The Highland Council Area

Blue-Green Algae Warning Notices for Lochs within The Highland Council Area

Controlled Parking Zones

Controlled Parking Zones are areas where all on-street parking is controlled during specific times. To park within a CPZ during controlled hours you must display a valid resident, visitor or...

Alcohol Control Zone

Alcohol Control Zones defined by Reigate and Borough Council and Surrey Police. Please note that this dataset is automatically updated on a frequent basis and has been refreshed after the date...