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Fraud investigations

Dataset showing information on the numbers and costs on investigating fraud. Local Government Transparency Code 2015 --------------------------------------- * This is a key dataset which the...

Fraud investigations

Details of Cheltenham Borough Council counter fraud work in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code.

Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation

Distribution of Zostera beds around eastern tip of Isle of Wight


Fly-tipping - Last 30 Days Incidents

This dataset contains the __most recent__ fly-tipping incidents in York - covering a 30 days period. The information presented has been recorded in City of York Council’s customer relationship...

Accessibility Areas Interest

areas on interest relating to access route.

Places of interest in Leeds

Here's a useful dataset to some of the places of interest across the city. Please note ----------- * Work is ongoing to ensure this data is accurate. * For further information on whats going...

Areas of Archaeological Interest

For further information about areas of archaeological importance (AAI) see the [City of York Council](

regen points of interest


Points Of Interest List

This is a list or URL's that open up the mapping information for East Renfrewshire Councils Points Of Interets in XML format.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England)

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is the land notified as an SSSI under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), as amended. Sites notified under the 1949 Act only are not included in...

Board of Trustees Members' Register of interests

British Council - Board of Trustees Members' Register of Interest

Board of Trustees Members' Register of interests

Board of Trustees Members' Register of Interest

TSB Board members declared interests

Register of Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Board Members declared interests

Offshore Environmental Inspectorate Investigation Tracking Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet containing information pertaining to investigations undertaken by the Offshore Environmental Inspectorate team relating to incidents occuring within the UKCS Offshore Oil &...

Marine Accident Investigation Branch Ship database

The database contains details of ships that may have been the subject of a Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) investigation, or which were third parties in an incident but supplied, for...

Marine Accident Investigation Branch Publications data

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Draft reports, diagrams and images.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch published evidence

Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB). Information that was gathered under Primary Voyage Data Recorders and Forensically copied evidence which was subsequently included in published reports

Materials Facilities Reporting

This displays the quarterly Operator reported, input and output sampling data that qualifying Materials Facilities are required to provide by the regulations. This excludes additional...

TfGM Fraud Investigation

Data contains details of fraud investigation as required for publication to satisfy TfGM’s voluntary compliance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. (TfGM is not captured by the Code,...