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Organogram of CMA Staff Roles and Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Travel Carbon Emissions for HMRC staff

The carbon emitted from transport used by staff on HMRC business. Updated: monthly.

Staff Recognitions Bonuses Scheme (RBS)

Detailed reports showing staff in receipt of RBS payments. Updated: quarterly.

Staff in receipt of overtime payments report

Detailed report showing staff in receipt of overtime payments. Updated: quarterly.

Psychological therapy staff

Number of psychologists per 100k population (weighted for need) Source: Mental Health Observatory: North East Public Health Observatory (NEPHO) Publisher: Mental Health Observatory: North East...

Survey of finance staff

Annual survey of finance staff to capture numbers, grades and qualification status of staff working in the Finance Community.

Staff Absence Data

Absence Comparison, Statistics

Administrative and Government Services

Administrative and social governmental services such as public administrations, civil protection, sites, schools, hospitals. This is point-based location of a variety of categories of municipal and...

Organogram and Senior Staff pay data for Ofgem

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in Ofgem.

Organogram and staff pay data for the Charity Commission

Information about the Charity Commission’s staffing structure and staff salaries in FY2010/11, provided in line with the Government’s commitment to increase transparency on how taxpayers’ money is...

Overtime Claims System

Administration of staff overtime claims.

Controlled Work Administration (Database of legal aid work)

Contains claim details, as submitted by a provider, including: client details, profit and disbursement costs and category of Law. The database also contains contract & schedule information and...

Number of verifiable houses in multiple occupation in administrative area

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Administrative Boundaries - Public Face Areas

This dataset has now been Retired as it has been replaced by "Administrative Boundaries - Environment Agency and Natural England Public Face Areas". This is for Approval for Access product AfA015...

Natura 2000 site administrative regions

Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) are strictly protected sites designated under the EC Habitats Directive. This series of datasets is derived from the UK wide data submitted to the EU...

Administrative Boundaries - Water Management Areas

Water management boundaries are delineated to river catchments. The Environment Agency uses these areas for their flood, water management and water quality operational purposes. The areas are...

Staff Pension

GBCC - Pension scheme individuals are signed up to

Staff Salaries

GBCC - Salary per staff member

Staff list

GBCC - Staff name, addresses, NI number, DOB, next of kin

Organogram and staff pay data for Treasury Solicitor's Department

A list of most Senior Civil Service posts in the Treasury Solicitor's Department including title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. Vacant posts are...