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WFD RBMP2 Economic analysis 2015_Scenario 2_v1.7

The impact assessment (IA) for the updated river basin management plans was built from multiple data sources and is based on many assumptions. This dataset gives Scenario 2 measures for...

WFD RBMP2 Economic analysis 2015_Scenario 5_v1.7

The impact assessment (IA) for the updated river basin management plans was built from multiple data sources and is based on many assumptions. The Scenario 5 dataset is based on programmes of...

Child and Working Tax Credit (CTC) and (WTC) and children in out of work household geographical analysis for Local Authorities

This data provides bi-annual analysis of the number of children and families receiving Child Tax Credit (CTC) or working Tax Credit (WTC) and whether they are in out of work households. This data...

London Analysis

Presents analysis of nearly one thousand small areas within London showing the number of employees working for businesses with fewer than 250 employees in the UK (small- and medium-sized...

Health Analysis

To inform readers on new developments in methodology affecting official statistics on health, and promote the wider use and understanding of research based on ONS data and other official...

Iodine analysis

Iodine analysis

Hemp Analysis

Annual hemp sampling and analysis

BIS economics paper no. 10a: manufacturing in the UK: an economic analysis of the sector

Underlying data and charts supporting the publication BIS Economics Paper no 10a: Manufacturing in the UK: an economic analysis of the sector [URN 10/1333]

Analysis of MIlk Selling Arrangements on Dairy Farms in England 2008/09

This release lists some key findings from the report of a recent survey of milk selling arrangements by a sample of dairy farms in the Farm Business Survey in England. Source agency:...

Qualifications gained at UK Higher Education Institutions: Northern Ireland Analysis

These statistical bulletins provide details of qualifications gained by Northern Ireland (NI) domiciled students at UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and details of qualifications gained by...

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Local government financing and expenditure

PESA 2009 chapter 7 explains how local government is financed and presents local government spending against functional (health, education etc) and economic (pay, procurement etc) frameworks.

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Central government own expenditure

PESA 2009 chapter 6 provides analyses of central government own spending against . I.e. central government spending that is not provided to local government or public corporations.

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Trends in public sector expenditure

PESA 2009 chapter 4 shows trends in public sector spending over a longer time period than otherwise shown in PESA 2009. This includes functional series back to 1987-88.

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Differences from previous plans

PESA 2009 chapter 3 compares spending plans in PESA 2009 chapter 1 against those published in PESA 2008.

Rail Service Analysis: Train Operating Company (TOC) modelled data

Modelling of interventions including estimates and forecasts of revenue and demand and impact of interventions on TOC revenue and costs

UK Honours 2009-2011 - gender, ethnicity, refusals analysis and list

Data on UK Honours system analysing it gender, ethnicity and refusals from 2009 to 2011

London at night: research and analysis

The GLA's City Intelligence Unit conducts research and analysis to understand the experiences of Londoners at night as well as the prevalence, characteristics, and experience of night time...

Ad hoc housing analysis

This page hosts the results of ad hoc housing analysis carried out by the Greater London Authority, including figures that have been referred to in Mayoral press releases.

Analysis for the London Partnership Board

This page contains presentations of analysis created for the London Partnership Board  meetings. These summarise the latest developments in London since the previous meeting.

Waste Composition Analysis - Houses

Analysis of tonnages of household waste presented in recycling, food waste, garden waste and residual waste bins. Based on sample survey bin contents from a number of houses carried out in November...