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2012 - 2012 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Sea Angling 2012 - Online catch survey

Information on the activities, catches and expenditure taken from online survey of sea anglers in the UK for the Sea Angling 2012 project.

Defence Commodity Information The Millie On Line Portal

Information relating to the procurement, movement and consumption of commodities within the MOD Master list of all Logistic online forms and Publications

Government CloudStore catalogue

This is the downloadable version of the CloudStore catalogue which is the online catalogue of cloud ICT services available for procurement in the public sector (

Penna 360

360 data on Senior Managers. Penna invite colleagues of the requestor to complete a 15 online questionnaire on the requestor. The 360 Partnership, compile and release analysis to DfT.

National statistics review of tax credit statistics: results

Following the recent national statistics review of tax credit statistics a summary of responses have been published on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website. There were almost 140...

Third sector engagement and participation in the learning and skills sector: quantative research

Data gathered from an online self-completion survey of Third Sector providers. The survey looked at the nature and extent of Third Sector involvement and participation in the learning and skills...

Strategic Export Controls: Reports and Statistics Website

An online database of export control licensing statistics issued by the Export Control Organisation. The database provides both bespoke and published quarterly and annual export licensing...

DCMS – Permanent Secretary Business costs, hospitality and meetings with outside interest groups

In line with Cabinet Office guidance, we now publish the business costs of our most senior officials and non-executive directors. Beginning retrospectively from the start of the 2009-10 financial...

DCMS Business Costs 1 July 2010 – 31 December 2011

In line with Cabinet Office guidance, we now publish the business costs of our most senior officials and non-executive directors. Beginning retrospectively from the start of the 2009-10...

Low Carbon Building Programme phase 1 householders data run by Buildings Research Establishment

Operations are essentially electronic, but paper files are held in tandem to live files on the database. Data from the online application system is exported on a daily basis into excel spreadsheet...

Consular Management Information

FCO Consular Management Information (MI) Data from various sources (including Compass, BRIDGE, and the Online Monthly Collection Sheet (OMCS) returns). It is used to allow Consular to retrieve...

Public Bodies 2014

Public Bodies 2014 provides a single transparent source of top-level data on all non-departmental public bodies, executive agencies and non-ministerial departments*. *HMRC is excluded. This...

Directory of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows

Searchable online database of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows

Competition Statistics

MACC - Annual Statistics from MACC online Application

Adjustments for Measured Term Contracts

The monthly Updating Percentages may be used as a contractual basis for the reimbursement of increased costs on measured term contracts let on all PSA Schedules of Rates or other forms of...

CCMS (Legal Aid Work and Civil Representation means & merits)

System enabling applications for certificated civil legal aid to be applied for online by providers (legal aid solicitors). Processed by Legal Aid Agency staff and for the management and payments...

DBS application volumes by Potential Employer name for March 2013

Data provides a list of the potential employer names and the volumes of paper/online applications submitted in the full month of March 2013.Produced for an FOI request.

Release of School Level Expenditure data (Consistent Financial Reporting) 2009-10

As part of the Department's aim to make more of its statistics available we will be publishing schools' expenditure for 2009-10 from the Consistent Financial Reporting exercise. This is in support...

Umbrella Bodies currently registered with the DBS and number of checks requested January-June 2013

Umbrella Bodies currently registered with the DBS & No checks requested Jan-Jun 2013 - includes whether the application was submitted online or via paper route. Produced for an FoI request.

DBS certificate volumes 2008-2013

Dataset contains DBS certificate volumes, including those submitted by paper and online as well as those which were for volunteer purposes. Data covers 2008 to July 2013. Provided as part of...